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Victorian Brassware

Victorian style polished solid brass door and window furniture

Bell Pushes

V045BVictorian Bell Push76x25mm£2.26pereach

Finger Plates

V048BVictorian Finger Plate304x76mm£5.29pereach

Keyhole Escutcheons

V050BVictorian Open Escutcheon Plate£0.65pereach
V051BVictorian Covered Escutcheon Plate£1.01pereach

Centre Door Knobs

V055BVictorian Centre Door Knob£9.05pereach

Letter Plates

V059BVictorian Letter Plate254x76mm£10.00pereach
V061BVictorian Letter Plate279x95mm£13.01pereach
V068BVictorian Letter Plate355x127mm£19.61pereach
V064BVictorian Letter Plate Gravity Flap£12.06pereach

Letter Flaps

V066HBVictorian Inner Flap Horizontal£5.66pereach

Casement Fasteners

V071BVictorian Casement Fastener Vent£3.38pereach

Lever Handles

V07355BVictorian Superior Lever Privacy Latch£8.92perset
V0735BVictorian Lever Privacy Latch£9.62perset
V07365BVictorian Superior Scroll Lever Privacy Latch£10.33perset
V0736BVictorian Scroll Lever Privacy Latch£10.93perset

Casement Fasteners

V073BVictorian Mortice/Hook Plate Casement Fastener£2.95pereach

Lever Handles

V07705BVictorian Superior Scroll Lever Lock£14.51perset
V0770BVictorian Scroll Lever Lock£9.74perset
V07715BVictorian Superior Scroll Lever Bathroom Lock£10.87perset
V0771BVictorian Scroll Lever Bathroom Lock£11.88perset
V07805BVictorian Superior Scroll Lever Latch£13.07perset
V0780BVictorian Scroll Lever Latch£7.68perset

Mortice Knobs

V0805BVictorian Superior Mortice Knob£6.42perset
V080BVictorian Mortice Knob£7.55perset
V081BVictorian Rim Knob£8.86perset

Cylinder Pulls

V083BVictorian Cylinder Pull£2.29pereach

Lever Handles

V0895BVictorian Superior Lever Latch£13.07perset
V089BVictorian Lever Latch£6.97perset
V0905BVictorian Superior Lever Lock£14.51perset
V090BVictorian Lever Lock£8.86perset
V09115BVictorian Superior Lever Bathroom Lock£8.92perset
V0911BVictorian Lever Bathroom Lock£11.60perset

Door Knockers

V091BVictorian Urn Door Knocker152mm£4.75pereach

Letter Plates

V097BVictorian Postal Knocker254x76mm£13.01pereach

Door Viewers

V098BDoor Viewer 160� Polished Brass£2.63pereach
V0991BDoor Viewer 180� Polished Brass£3.59pereach

House Numerals

V099BPolished Brass 50mm Letter 'A'£0.61pereach
V101BPolished Brass 75mm Letter 'A'£1.00pereach
V102BPolished Brass 75mm Letter 'B'£1.00pereach

Handrail Brackets

V1030BVictorian Handrail Bracket63mm£3.31pereach

Wardrobe Hooks

V1051BVictorian Single Robe Hook£1.03pereach
V1052BVictorian Double Robe Hook£1.00pereach

Hat and Coat Hooks

V1053BVictorian Hat & Coat Hook£1.73pereach

Door Handles

V1061BVictorian Bow Handle177mm£3.94pereach
V1062BVictorian Bow Handle152mm£3.01pereach

Sash Lifts

V1065BVictorian Sash Lift Polished Brass£1.01pereach
V1066BVictorian Sash Eye Polished Brass£1.01pereach

Cord Weights

V1068BVictorian Cord Weight£2.02pereach

Door Stops

V1069BVictorian Door Stop Hooded£1.84pereach
V1070BVictorian Door Stop Pedestal£1.76pereach

Tie Back Hooks

V1071BVictorian Fleur de Lys Tie Back Small£0.20pereach
V10720BVictorian Fleur de Lys Tie Back Large£0.71pereach
V10721BVictorian Ball Tie Back Hook Small£0.52pereach
V10722BVictorian Ball Tie Back Hook Large£0.95pereach
V10723BVictorian Rosette Tie Back Hook Small£0.71pereach
V10724BVictorian Rosette Tie Back Hook Large£1.01pereach

Fanlight Catches

V1072BVictorian Fanlight Catch£4.12pereach

Pole Hook

V1073BVictorian Pole Hook125mm£3.38pereach

Indicator Bolts

V1074BVictorian Indicator Bolt60mm£6.64pereach

House Numerals

V1200BFlat Brass Numeral No. O50mm£0.89pereach
V1201BFlat Brass Numeral No. 150mm£0.89pereach
V1202BFlat Brass Numeral No. 250mm£0.89pereach
V1203BFlat Brass Numeral No. 350mm£0.89pereach
V1204BFlat Brass Numeral No. 450mm£0.89pereach
V1205BFlat Brass Numeral No. 550mm£0.89pereach
V1206BFlat Brass Numeral No. 650mm£0.89pereach
V1207BFlat Brass Numeral No. 750mm£0.89pereach
V1208BFlat Brass Numeral No. 850mm£0.89pereach
V1209BFlat Brass Numeral No. 950mm£0.89pereach
V1250BSolid Brass Numeral No. O50mm£0.48pereach
V1251BSolid Brass Numeral No. 150mm£0.48pereach
V1252BSolid Brass Numeral No. 250mm£0.48pereach
V1253BSolid Brass Numeral No. 350mm£0.48pereach
V1254BSolid Brass Numeral No. 450mm£0.48pereach
V1255BSolid Brass Numeral No. 550mm£0.48pereach
V1256BSolid Brass Numeral No. 650mm£0.48pereach
V1257BSolid Brass Numeral No. 750mm£0.48pereach
V1258BSolid Brass Numeral No. 850mm£0.48pereach
V1259BSolid Brass Numeral No. 950mm£0.48pereach
V1350BFlat Brass Numeral No. O76mm£1.09pereach
V1351BFlat Brass Numeral No. 176mm£1.09pereach
V1352BFlat Brass Numeral No. 276mm£1.09pereach
V1353BFlat Brass Numeral No. 376mm£1.09pereach
V1354BFlat Brass Numeral No. 476mm£1.09pereach
V1355BFlat Brass Numeral No. 576mm£1.09pereach
V1356BFlat Brass Numeral No. 676mm£1.09pereach
V1357BFlat Brass Numeral No. 776mm£1.09pereach
V1358BFlat Brass Numeral No. 876mm£1.09pereach
V1359BFlat Brass Numeral No. 976mm£1.09pereach

Cabin Hooks

V15303BVictorian Cabin Hook76mm£2.47pereach
V15304BVictorian Cabin Hook101mm£2.74pereach
V15306BVictorian Cabin Hook152mm£2.83pereach
V15308BVictorian Cabin Hook203mm£4.51pereach
V15310BVictorian Cabin Hook254mm£5.29pereach

Lever Handles

V20502BVictorian Superior Rosa Lever Bathroom Latch£11.40perset

Casement Stays

V7408BVictorian Casement Stay203mm£3.59pereach
V7410BVictorian Casement Stay254mm£3.20pereach
V7412BVictorian Casement Stay304mm£3.96pereach
V7510BVictorian Screw Down Casement Stay254mm£7.92pereach
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