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Sundry Hardware

Picture and mirror fittings, hooks and eyes, brackets and braces, catches and castors and tube fittings

Sash Fasteners

SH0037BArm Type Sash Fastener Polished Brass£2.63pereach(2)
SH00381BArm Type Sash Fastener Chrome Plated£2.87pereach(18)
SH0038BBrighton Sash Fastener Polished Brass£2.63pereach(5)
SH0039BBrighton Sash Fastener Chrome Plated£2.87pereach(13)

Door Chains

SH003BDoor Chain Polished Brass£2.12pereach(9)
SH0061BHeavy Duty Door Chain Chrome Plated£1.62pereach(2)

Door Guards

SH0065BDoor Guard Brass Plated£2.28pereach(9)
SH0066BDoor Guard Chrome Plated£2.28pereach(5)

Door Holders

SH0072BMagnetic Door Holder Chrome Plated£3.24pereach(2)
SH0073BMagnetic Door Holder Polished Brass£3.73pereach(6)

Door Closers

SH010BConcealed Door Closer Polished Brass£2.04pereach(1)

Picture Screw Rings

SH0177BPicture Frame Screw Eye Brass Plated12mm£0.52per100(1000)
SH0178BPicture Frame Screw Eye Brass Plated19mm£0.66per100(5000)
SH0179BPicture Frame Screw Eye Zinc Plated19mm£0.70per100(4100)

Mirror Movements

SH01922BSwivel Mirror Brackets Pair Brass Plated£0.40perpair(333)

Mirror Mounts

SH0192BMirror Mount Zinc Plated£0.11pereach(232)

Plate Stands

SH01977PClear Plate Stand Large250-450mm£2.41perpack(40)

Ceiling Hooks

SH019BCeiling Hook Brass Plated£0.40pereach(56)

Sliding Stays

SH0281BSliding Stay Brass Plated Heavy Duty£2.72pereach(37)

Angle Brackets

SH0367BLateral Slotted Plate Self Coloured45x30mm£0.06pereach(50)
SH0368BVertical Slot. Plate Self Coloured45x30mm£0.06pereach(48)

Jointing Blocks

SH042BJointing Block White£4.27per50(350)
SH043BJointing Block Brown£4.27per50(500)

Modesty Blocks

SH0460BScrew Block Beige£0.84per50(185)
SH0461BScrew Block Black£1.07per50(530)

Unit Connectors

SH0463BUnit Connector Screw White£0.10pereach(196)
SH0464BUnit Connector Screw Brown£0.07pereach(327)

Adjustable Roller Catches

SH0473BRoller Bolt Catch Satin Chrome Plated£2.15pereach(7)
SH0474BRoller Bolt Catch Brass Plated£2.02pereach(9)

Double Ball Catches

SH0475BDouble Ball Catch Brass42mm£0.26pereach(2706)
SH047BDouble Ball Catch Brass50mm£0.41pereach(661)
SH0480BDouble Ball Catch Chrome Plated50mm£0.48pereach(20)

Cupboard Catches

SH0483BMini Tip Catch White & Nickel Plated£0.70pereach(13)

Ball Catches

SH0486BBall Catch Polished Brass9mm£0.26pereach(201)

Bales Catches

SH0490BBales Catch Nickel Plated15mm£0.73pereach(3)
SH0491BBales Catch Brass Plated15mm£0.41pereach(2)

Magnetic Catches

SH050BMedium Oval Magnetic Catch Brown£0.19pereach(20)

Cupboard Catches

SH0525BCupboard Catch Chrome Plated57mm£1.75pereach(20)

Turn Buttons

SH056BTurnbutton Brass Plated38mm£0.16pereach(20)

Kettle Descalers

SH0574BKettle Descaler Stainless Steel£0.79pereach(18)

Sink and Bath Plugs

SH058BBath Plug White44mm£0.16pereach(175)

Chain Connectors

SH05922BNo 6 Ball Chain Attacher Nickel Plated£0.40per10(80)
SH05923BNo 8 Ball Chain Attacher Nickel Plated£0.50per10(1)
SH05924BChain Jump Ring Nickel Plated16mm£0.44per10(80)
SH05925BChain Triangle Nickel Plated16mm£0.52per10(60)
SH05926BChain Connector Ring Nickel Plated22mm£0.98per10(50)
SH06003BBrass Ess Hook Nickel Plated32mm£1.08per10(10)
SH06007BBrass Ess Hook Polished Brass32mm£1.34per10(30)

Towel Holders

SH0610BTowel Holder White Single£0.50pereach(4)
SH0611BTowel Holder White Double£1.25pereach(4)
SH0612BTowel Holder White Triple£1.27pereach(2)
SH06131BTowel Holder Stainless Steel£1.28pereach(4)

Tap Swirls

SH0613BTap Swirl White Small£0.31pereach(19)

Soap Holders

SH0619BSoap Holder Suction White£0.40pereach(2)


SH068BBlack Wheel Peg Castor28mm£0.68per4(172)
SH069BBlack Wheel Peg Castor31mm£1.10per4(312)
SH0732BSingle Wheel Plate Castor£8.40per4(8)

Cup Hooks

SH073BDresser Hook Brass Plated19mm£0.60per50(1108)
SH075BDresser Hook Brass Plated31mm£1.04per50(221)
SH076BDresser Hook Brass Plated38mm£1.39per50(1419)
SH0771BDresser Hook Brass Plated50mm£2.17per50(600)
SH077BDresser Hook White25mm£1.56per50(1169)
SH078BDresser Hook White31mm£2.03per50(1410)
SH087BCup Hook White19mm£1.42per50(550)
SH088BCup Hook White25mm£1.44per50(440)
SH089BCup Hook White31mm£1.80per50(1071)

Steel Screw Hooks

SH097BSteel Screw Hook Zinc Plated55mmx8£0.47per10(1076)
SH098BSteel Screw Hook Zinc Plated60mmx10£0.64per10(10)
SH10111BSteel Screw Hook Brass Plated55mmx8£0.67per10(46)
SH10112BSteel Screw Hook Brass Plated60mmx10£0.89per10(314)
SH10114BSteel Screw Hook Brass Plated100mmx18£3.67per10(26)

Steel Screw Eyes

SH1011BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated25mmx4£0.24per25(1371)
SH1013BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated35mmx8£0.66per25(2)
SH1015BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated45mmx10£0.92per25(70)
SH1016BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated55mmx12£1.43per25(15)
SH10125BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated25mmx4£0.26per25(250)
SH10135BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated30mmx6£0.55per25(235.5)
SH10145BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated35mmx8£0.78per25(575)
SH10155BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated40mmx8£0.79per25(100)
SH10165BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated45mmx10£1.36per25(840)
SH10175BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated55mmx12£1.80per25(8)
SH10190BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated75mmx18£4.64per25(45)

Vine Eyes

SH10193BDrive In Eye Zinc Plated75mm£0.11pereach(144)

House Numerals

SH102PSilverthorne White No.288mm£0.52perpack(1)
SH103PSilverthorne White No.388mm£0.52perpack(4)
SH104PSilverthorne White No.488mm£0.52perpack(21)
SH105PSilverthorne White No.588mm£0.52perpack(15)
SH107PSilverthorne White No.788mm£0.52perpack(20)
SH114PSilverthorne Black No.488mm£0.52perpack(8)
SH115PSilverthorne Black No.588mm£0.52perpack(25)
SH118PSilverthorne Black No.888mm£0.52perpack(29)
SH119PSilverthorne Black No.988mm£0.52perpack(15)
SH120PSilverthorne Black No.O88mm£0.52perpack(16)

Wheelie Bin Numerals

SH1211PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.1£0.24perpack(63)
SH1212PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.2£0.24perpack(120)
SH1213PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.3£0.24perpack(85)
SH1214PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.4£0.24perpack(42)
SH1215PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.5£0.24perpack(45)
SH1216PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.6£0.24perpack(53)
SH1217PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.7£0.24perpack(126)
SH1218PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.8£0.24perpack(68)
SH1219PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.9£0.24perpack(36)
SH1220PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.0£0.24perpack(29)

Hasps and Staples

SH1221BHasp & Staple Polished Brass76mm£0.58pereach(23)

Curtain Hooks

SH124BCurtain Wire Hook£1.16per200(330)
SH125BCurtain Wire Eye£1.16per200(180)

Curtain Rod Hooks

SH1261BSelf Adhesive Curtain Rod Hook£6.31per100(3)

Curtain Rings

SH1262BCurtain Ring Brass19mm£6.96per100(902)
SH1263BCurtain Ring Brass25mm£7.20per100(1711)
SH12652BSplit Curtain Ring Brass Plated19mm£3.28per100(600)

Curtain Hooks

SH1266BCurtain Hook White£0.34per100(850)
SH1267BRoller Curtain Hook Nickel Plated£2.16per100(208)
SH1268BWire Curtain Hook Brass Plated£1.90per100(1912)
SH1269BWire Curtain Hook Zinc Plated£1.82per100(4500)

Mirror Screws

SH132BMirror Screw Polished Brass19mm£0.11pereach(170)
SH133BMirror Screw Polished Brass25mm£0.11pereach(240)
SH134BMirror Screw Polished Brass31mm£0.11pereach(170)
SH135BMirror Screw Polished Brass38mm£0.13pereach(186)
SH136BMirror Screw Polished Brass50mm£0.14pereach(31)

Tube Fittings

SH144BLarge End Bracket Chrome Plated19mm£0.55pereach(1)
SH145BLarge Centre Bracket Chrome Plated19mm£0.74pereach(13)
SH1475BSocket With Grub Screw Chrome Plated19mm£0.31pereach(820)
SH1490BConcealed Socket Chrome Plated19mm£0.61pereach(24)
SH1491BConcealed Socket Chrome Plated25mm£0.68pereach(14)
SH1492BRail Elbow Chrome Plated19mm£1.72pereach(24)


SH151BBrass Plated Steel Tube0.9mx19mm£1.70pereach(5)
SH1561BBrass Plated Steel Tube0.6mx25mm£1.73pereach(1)
SH1562BBrass Plated Steel Tube0.9mx25mm£1.90pereach(1)

Tube Fittings

SH156BLarge End Bracket Brass Plated19mm£0.68pereach(54)
SH157BLarge Centre Bracket Brass Plated19mm£0.73pereach(61)
SH1581BLarge Centre Bracket Brass Plated25mm£0.85pereach(2)
SH158BRail Socket Brass Plated19mm£0.34pereach(3)
SH1591BRail Socket Brass Plated25mm£0.40pereach(33)
SH159BSmall End Bracket Brass Plated19mm£0.40pereach(4)
SH1601BSmall End Bracket Brass Plated25mm£0.43pereach(42)
SH160BSmall Centre Bracket Brass Plated19mm£0.34pereach(14)
SH1611BSmall Centre Bracket Brass Plated25mm£0.41pereach(8)
SH16122BOval Rail End Bracket Chrome Plated30mm£0.66pereach(4)
SH16123BOval Rail Centre Bracket Chrome Plated30mm£0.49pereach(10)

Worktop Legs

SH1612B60mm Adjustable Worktop Leg Chrome710mm£4.79pereach(7)
SH1613B60mm Adjustable Worktop Leg Chrome870mm£6.53pereach(8)
SH1615B60mm Adjustable Worktop Leg Satin870mm£7.24pereach(3)

Screw Cups

SH169BScrew Cup No 6 Nickel Plated£1.25per100(14250)
SH170BScrew Cup No 8 Nickel Plated£0.95per100(1200)
SH171BScrew Cup No 10 Nickel Plated£1.57per100(740)
SH172BScrew Cup No 6 Brass Plated£1.25per100(1081)
SH173BScrew Cup No 8 Brass Plated£1.51per100(835)
SH174BScrew Cup No 10 Brass Plated£1.51per100(2759)

Spring Toggles

SH176BSpring Toggle Zinc PlatedM5x50mm£5.60per50(222)

Stick Ferrules

SH202BStick Ferrule Black22mm£0.18pereach(149)

Castor Cups

SH206BCastor Cup Large 67mm Brown£0.14pereach(187)

Furniture Glides

SH2071BSingle Pin Glide Nickel Plated13mm£1.51per50(450)
SH2072BSingle Pin Glide Nickel Plated16mm£2.52per50(2200)

Domes of Silence

SH208BDomes of Silence Nickel Plated20mm£0.36per10(289)

Hose Clips

SH217BThumbscrew Hose Clip13-20mm£0.25pereach(74)

Moulding Hooks

SH225BSteel Moulding Hook Bronze Finish£0.16pereach(58)

Drawer Catches

SH226BChildproof Catch White Plastic£0.38pereach(30)

Window Wedges

SH228BWindow Wedge White£0.11pereach(23)

Hipster Key Rings

SH3351BPull Apart Key Ring Nickel Plated£0.54pereach(4)

Key Rings

SH335BKey Ring Nickel Plated19mm£2.15per100(5)
SH337BKey Ring Nickel Plated31mm£5.10per100(389)

Chair Ferrules

SH350BChair Ferrule Black15mm£0.08pereach(459)
SH352BChair Ferrule Black22mm£0.22pereach(197)
SH353BChair Ferrule Black25mm£0.22pereach(410)

Card Frames

SH356BFiling Cabinet Card Holder Brass Plated76x38mm£0.65pereach(117)
SH357BFiling Cabinet Card Holder Chrome Plated67x25mm£1.15pereach(100)
SH358BFiling Cabinet Card Holder Chrome Plated76x38mm£1.21pereach(148)

Case Corners

SH366BCase Corner Brass Plated28mm£0.24pereach(169)

Case Clips

SH369BCase Clip Large Nickel Plated70mm£0.70pereach(48)
SH3711BCase Lock Nickel Plated50mm£0.64pereach(7)
SH3712BCase Lock Brass Plated50mm£0.52pereach(26)
SH3715BJewellery Case Catch Small£0.59pereach(158)
SH3716BJewellery Case Catch Large£0.83pereach(139)

Pegboard Hooks

SH387BSmall Double Hook25mm£7.87per50(590)
SH3885BSingle Hook 5.2x25mm279mm£12.43per50(70)

Self Adhesive Hooks

SH3921BSelf Adhesive Cup Hook White Mini£0.06pereach(230)
SH3922BSelf Adhesive Calendar Hook White£0.07pereach(307)
SH392BSelf Adhesive Hook Square White Small£0.07pereach(152)
SH394BSelf Adhesive Hook Square White Large£0.14pereach(251)

Suction Hooks

SH3961BSuction Hook35mm£0.13pereach(160)
SH3962BSuction Hook40mm£0.17pereach(203)

Tool Hooks

SH3972BLadder Hook Orange£0.56pereach(1)

Drawer Slides

SH423B45mm Ball Bearing Drawer Slide450mm£9.54perpair(1)

Cable Tidy

SH4313BDesk Cable Tidy Brown101mm£0.82pereach(14)

Screw Covers

SH442BPlastidome Screw Cover Black£3.34per100(600)
SH446BPlastidome Screw Cover Brass Plated£6.94per100(340)
SH450BScrew Cap & Cover White£1.03per100(2900)
SH454BScrew Cap & Cover Light Brown£0.78per100(9800)
SH455BScrew Cap & Cover Brown£0.92per100(1200)
SH459BScrew Cap & Cover Beige£1.09per100(950)
SH460BPozi Screw Cover White£0.64per100(3720)
SH465BPozi Screw Cover Brown£0.55per100(4856)
SH466BPozi Screw Cover Black£1.64per100(100)
SH469BPozi Screw Cover Beige£0.48per100(1565)
SH470BFlush Screw Cover White£0.58per100(2892)
SH475BFlush Screw Cover Brown£0.58per100(4750)
SH476BFlush Screw Cover Black£0.24per100(1400)
SH479BFlush Screw Cover Beige£0.26per100(732)

Shelf Supports

SH480BDrive In Shelf Support White£2.76per100(300)
SH490BDrive In Shelf Support Brown£3.38per100(862)
SH500BPush In Shelf Support White£0.96per100(30)
SH520BShelf Stud & Socket White£3.16per100(158)
SH530BShelf Stud & Socket Brown£4.62per100(24)
SH534BBookcase Shelf Support Brass Plated£0.24pereach(30)
SH5350BBookcase Shelf Support Nickel Plated£0.24pereach(700)
SH5353BShelf Support Stud White5mm£0.38per10(80)

Wooden Dowels

SH5505BWooden Dowel6x30mm£1.51per100(400)
SH5506BWooden Dowel8x30mm£1.87per100(800)
SH552BSteel Wood to Wood Dowel Screw8x25mm£2.24per100(500)

Metal Dowels

SH555BWood to Metal Dowel Screw3/16UNCx25mm£0.76per50(156)
SH557BWood to Metal Dowel Screw8x50mm£7.06per50(166)
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