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Sundry Hardware

Picture and mirror fittings, hooks and eyes, brackets and braces, catches and castors and tube fittings

Sash Fasteners

SH001BScrew-down Sash Fastener Zinc Plated£1.22pereach
SH002BScrew-down Sash Fastener Brass Plated£1.37pereach

Fitch Fasteners

SH0035BFitch Fastener Zinc Plated£1.04pereach
SH0036BFitch Fastener Brass Plated£1.16pereach

Sash Fasteners

SH0037BArm Type Sash Fastener Polished Brass£3.71pereach
SH00381BArm Type Sash Fastener Chrome Plated£4.04pereach
SH0038BBrighton Sash Fastener Polished Brass£3.71pereach
SH0039BBrighton Sash Fastener Chrome Plated£4.04pereach

Door Chains

SH003BDoor Chain Polished Brass£2.99pereach
SH004BDoor Chain Brass Plated£1.52pereach
SH005BDoor Chain Chrome Plated£1.52pereach
SH0060BHeavy Duty Door Chain Brass Plated£3.44pereach
SH0061BHeavy Duty Door Chain Chrome Plated£2.29pereach

Door Guards

SH0065BDoor Guard Brass Plated£3.20pereach
SH0066BDoor Guard Chrome Plated£3.20pereach

Door Holders

SH006BViva Door Holder White Plastic£1.19pereach
SH0072BMagnetic Door Holder Chrome Plated£5.09pereach
SH0073BMagnetic Door Holder Polished Brass£5.86pereach

Door Closers

SH007PGibraltar Door Closer White£18.02perpack
SH008PGibraltar Door Closer Brass£16.79perpack
SH0105BConcealed Door Closer Stainless Steel£3.14pereach
SH010BConcealed Door Closer Polished Brass£3.14pereach
SH0111BHydraulic Door Closer SilverEN3£17.18pereach
SH0113BHydraulic Door Closer c/w Cover Silver£37.50pereach

Mirror Clips

SH011BSet of 4 Mirror Clips£1.04pereach
SH012BSet of 6 Mirror Clips£1.19pereach

Picture Turns

SH0131BPicture Turn Brass Plated12mm£2.28per100
SH0132BPicture Turn Brass Plated19mm£2.08per100

Picture Hooks

SH013BPicture Hook Brass Plated No1.£1.76per100
SH014BPicture Hook Brass Plated No2.£2.56per100
SH015BPicture Hook Brass Plated No3.£5.45per100
SH0162BPicture Hanger Small£6.97per100
SH0163BPicture Hanger Medium£7.22per100
SH0164BPicture Hanger Large£8.92per100
SH0165BPicture/Plate 'J' Hook Brass Plated£0.18pereach

Picture Wire

SH0166BPicture Wire Brass3.5m£0.65pereach

Picture Straps

SH0167BPicture/Mirror Strap Hanger Brass Plated£0.22pereach

Picture Pins

SH0168BPicture Pin Knurled Brass Head£5.60per100
SH016BPicture Pin Electro-Plated£0.52per100

Picture Screw Rings

SH0171BScrew Ring Small Copper£5.92per100
SH0172BScrew Ring Medium Copper£5.96per100
SH0175BScrew Ring Small Brass Plated£3.94per100
SH0176BScrew Ring Medium Brass Plated£5.94per100
SH0177BPicture Frame Screw Eye Brass Plated12mm£0.82per100
SH0178BPicture Frame Screw Eye Brass Plated19mm£1.03per100
SH0179BPicture Frame Screw Eye Zinc Plated19mm£1.09per100

Mirror Plates

SH01801BMirror Plates Plain Chrome Plated25mm£0.54per10
SH01802BMirror Plates Plain Chrome Plated32mm£0.61per10
SH01803BMirror Plates Plain Chrome Plated38mm£0.91per10
SH01804BMirror Plates Plain Chrome Plated50mm£1.22per10
SH01806BMirror Plates Slotted Chrome Plated25mm£0.54per10
SH01807BMirror Plates Slotted Chrome Plated32mm£0.67per10
SH01808BMirror Plates Slotted Chrome Plated38mm£0.91per10
SH01809BMirror Plates Slotted Chrome Plated50mm£1.04per10
SH0180BMirror Plates Plain Brass Plated19mm£0.60per10
SH0181BMirror Plates Plain Brass Plated25mm£0.43per10
SH0182BMirror Plates Plain Brass Plated32mm£0.70per10
SH0183BMirror Plates Plain Brass Plated38mm£0.85per10
SH0184BMirror Plates Plain Brass Plated50mm£1.15per10
SH0185BMirror Plates Slotted Brass Plated19mm£0.60per10
SH0186BMirror Plates Slotted Brass Plated25mm£0.46per10
SH0187BMirror Plates Slotted Brass Plated32mm£0.58per10
SH0188BMirror Plates Slotted Brass Plated38mm£0.88per10
SH0189BMirror Plates Slotted Brass Plated50mm£1.04per10

Mirror Corners

SH0191BMirror Corner Chrome Plated£0.12pereach

Mirror Mounts

SH01920BMini Mirror Flush Mount Zinc Plated£0.18pereach
SH01921BMirror Flush Mount Zinc Plated£0.24pereach

Mirror Movements

SH01922BSwivel Mirror Brackets Pair Brass Plated£0.61perpair

Mirror Mounts

SH0192BMirror Mount Zinc Plated£0.18pereach

Mirror Movements

SH0193BMirror Movement Brass Plated£0.46pereach

Plate Rings

SH0194B1-Hole Plate Ring Nickel Plated£0.12pereach
SH0195B1-Hole Plate Ring Brass Plated£0.14pereach
SH0196B2-Hole Plate Ring Nickel Plated£0.16pereach
SH01970B2-Hole Plate Ring Brass Plated£0.22pereach

Plate Stands

SH01975PClear Plate Stand Small75-150mm£0.94perpack
SH01976PClear Plate Stand Medium150-250mm£1.31perpack
SH01977PClear Plate Stand Large250-450mm£3.78perpack

Plate Hangers

SH01979PPlate Hanger White No. 089-127mm£0.31perpack
SH0197PPlate Hanger White No. 1127-203mm£0.36perpack
SH0198PPlate Hanger White No. 2203-254mm£0.42perpack
SH0199PPlate Hanger White No. 3254-360mm£0.48perpack

Ceiling Hooks

SH019BCeiling Hook Brass Plated£0.61pereach
SH0210BCeiling Hook Swivel Brass Plated£0.48pereach

Wardrobe Hooks

SH021BRobe Hook Chrome Plated£0.34pereach
SH022BRobe Hook Brass Plated£0.34pereach
SH0221BRobe Hook Double Chrome Plated£0.82pereach
SH0222BRobe Hook Double Brass Plated£0.82pereach

Hat and Coat Hooks

SH023BHat & Coat Hook Chrome Plated£0.54pereach
SH024BHat & Coat Hook Brass Plated£0.54pereach

Joint Lid Stays

SH025BJoint Lid Stay Pair Brass Plated£4.08perpair
SH0261BJoint Lid Stay Pair Nickel Plated£4.08perpair

Toy Box Lid Stay

SH0263BHeavy Toy Box Lid Stay L/H Florentine Bronze127mm£2.59pereach

Lift up Flap Stays

SH026BLift-up Flap Stay£1.52pereach

Sliding Stays

SH0271BPneumatic Auto Opening Lid Stay 60n NP£7.90pereach
SH027BSliding Stay Nickel Plated£1.86pereach
SH0281BSliding Stay Brass Plated Heavy Duty£4.04pereach

Cabinet Brackets

SH0285BCabinet Hanging Bracket & Mount Plate White£1.25pereach
SH0286BCabinet Hanging Wall Bracket£0.30pereach

Corner Brackets

SH028BCorner Fixing Bracket Nickel Plated50mm£0.31pereach

Chest Corners

SH0292BMilitary Chest Corner Polished Brass£0.97pereach*** Temporarily Unavailable ***

Corner Braces

SH029BCorner Brace Self Coloured25mm£5.17per50
SH030BCorner Brace Self Coloured38mm£5.69per50
SH031BCorner Brace Self Coloured50mm£6.48per50
SH032BCorner Brace Zinc Plated63mm£7.50per50
SH033BCorner Brace Zinc Plated76mm£9.94per50
SH0341BCorner Brace Zinc Plated101mm£9.36per25
SH0342BCorner Brace Zinc Plated127mm£15.80per25
SH0343BCorner Brace Zinc Plated152mm£22.43per25

Angle Brackets

SH0345BAngle Bracket Zinc Plated19mm£4.69per100

Stretcher Brackets

SH035BStretcher Bracket Zinc Plated£3.84per50
SH0365BCranked Stretcher Plate Zinc Plated£6.40per50

Angle Brackets

SH0367BLateral Slotted Plate Self Coloured45x30mm£0.10pereach
SH0368BVertical Slot. Plate Self Coloured45x30mm£0.10pereach

Corner Plates

SH036BCorner Plate Zinc Plated82mm£7.03per50

Angle Plates

SH037BAngle Plate Zinc Plated50mm£7.28per50
SH038BAngle Plate Zinc Plated76mm£9.78per50
SH0391BAngle Plate Zinc Plated101mm£10.57per25
SH0392BAngle Plate Zinc Plated152mm£20.89per25

Mending Plates

SH039BMending Plate Zinc Plated76mm£6.46per50
SH040BMending Plate Zinc Plated101mm£13.31per50
SH041BMending Plate Zinc Plated127mm£7.90per25
SH0420BMending Plate Zinc Plated152mm£11.40per25

Tee Plates

SH0421BTee Plate Zinc Plated76mm£0.31pereach
SH0422BTee Plate Zinc Plated101mm£0.77pereach

Mending Plates

SH04242B450x30x3.0mm Mending Plate Zinc Plated£30.70per10

Jointing Blocks

SH042BJointing Block White£6.71per50
SH043BJointing Block Brown£6.71per50

Modesty Blocks

SH044BScrew Block White£1.44per50
SH045BScrew Block Brown£1.49per50
SH0460BScrew Block Beige£1.15per50
SH0461BScrew Block Black£1.68per50

Unit Connectors

SH0463BUnit Connector Screw White£0.16pereach
SH0464BUnit Connector Screw Brown£0.12pereach

Carcase Legs

SH0465BSet of 4 Adjustable Carcase Legs and 2 clips£3.38per4

Worktop Clamps

SH0466BWorktop Clamp Zinc Plated65mm£0.42pereach
SH0467BWorktop Clamp Zinc Plated150mm£0.54pereach

Adjustable Roller Catches

SH046BAdjustable Roller Catch Brass Plated£1.25pereach
SH0471BAdjustable Roller Catch Chrome Plated£1.25pereach
SH0473BRoller Bolt Catch Satin Chrome Plated£3.07pereach
SH0474BRoller Bolt Catch Brass Plated£3.07pereach

Double Ball Catches

SH0475BDouble Ball Catch Brass42mm£0.42pereach
SH0476BDouble Ball Catch Chrome Plated42mm£0.42pereach
SH047BDouble Ball Catch Brass50mm£0.64pereach
SH0480BDouble Ball Catch Chrome Plated50mm£0.76pereach

Peglock Catches

SH0481BPeglock Catch White£0.18pereach

Rocker Catches

SH0482BRocker Catch White£0.12pereach

Cupboard Catches

SH0483BMini Tip Catch White & Nickel Plated£1.09pereach
SH0484BMini Tip Catch Brown & Nickel Plated£1.09pereach

Ball Catches

SH0486BBall Catch Polished Brass9mm£0.42pereach
SH0488BBall Catch Polished Brass12mm£0.48pereach

Bales Catches

SH0489BBales Catch Nickel Plated19mm£1.52pereach
SH048BBales Catch Brass Plated19mm£0.95pereach
SH0490BBales Catch Nickel Plated15mm£1.15pereach
SH0491BBales Catch Brass Plated15mm£0.54pereach

Magnetic Catches

SH0493BMagnetic Catch 3-4 kg Pull Brown/Nickel Plated£0.79pereach
SH0495BMini Oval Magnetic Catch White£0.40pereach
SH049BMedium Oval Magnetic Catch White£0.28pereach
SH050BMedium Oval Magnetic Catch Brown£0.28pereach
SH051BLarge Magnetic Catch White£0.36pereach
SH0521BLarge Magnetic Catch Brown£0.36pereach

Double Roller Catches

SH05225BDouble Roller Catch Brass Plated£0.30pereach
SH05227BDouble Roller Catch Bronze Plated£0.40pereach
SH0522BDouble Roller Catch Zinc Plated£0.34pereach

Gripper Catches

SH0523BGripper Catch Brass Plated£0.28pereach

Cupboard Catches

SH0524BCupboard Catch Brass Plated57mm£1.58pereach
SH0525BCupboard Catch Chrome Plated57mm£2.50pereach

Door Stops

SH052BDoorstop White28mm£0.16pereach
SH053BDoorstop Black28mm£0.16pereach
SH054BDoorstop White33mm£0.20pereach
SH055BDoorstop Black33mm£0.20pereach
SH0561BDoor Stop Sprung Pedestal Brass Plated£0.36pereach
SH0562BDoor Stop Sprung Pedestal Chrome Plated£0.37pereach

Turn Buttons

SH056BTurnbutton Brass Plated38mm£0.20pereach

Kettle Descalers

SH0574BKettle Descaler Stainless Steel£1.25pereach

Sink and Bath Plugs

SH0575BUniversal Plug White38-50mm£0.91pereach
SH0579BBasin Plug Black38mm£0.18pereach
SH057BBasin Plug White38mm£0.22pereach
SH0581BBasin Plug Ball Chain304mm£0.54pereach
SH0582BBasin Plug Link Chain304mm£0.88pereach
SH0589BBath Plug Black44mm£0.18pereach
SH058BBath Plug White44mm£0.24pereach
SH0591BBath Plug Ball Chain457mm£0.95pereach
SH0592BBath Plug Link Chain457mm£1.07pereach
SH0580BBasin Plug Chrome38mm£2.38pereach
SH0590BBath Plug Chrome44mm£2.69pereach

Chain Connectors

SH05922BNo 6 Ball Chain Attacher Nickel Plated£0.60per10
SH05923BNo 8 Ball Chain Attacher Nickel Plated£0.79per10
SH05924BChain Jump Ring Nickel Plated16mm£0.70per10
SH05925BChain Triangle Nickel Plated16mm£0.71per10
SH05926BChain Connector Ring Nickel Plated22mm£1.55per10


SH05931BBrass Chain Chrome Plated 10m14x5mm£19.43perroll
SH05932BBrass Chain Chrome Plated 10m17.5x5.5mm£23.17perroll
SH05936BBrass Chain Polished Brass£16.93perroll
SH05942BBrass Oval Chain Chrome Plated 10m12.7mm£10.50perroll
SH05943BBrass Oval Chain Chrome Plated 10m16mm£32.50perroll
SH05947BBrass Oval Chain Polished Brass 10m12.7mm£13.80perroll

Chain Connectors

SH06003BBrass Ess Hook Nickel Plated32mm£1.70per10
SH06007BBrass Ess Hook Polished Brass32mm£2.12per10

Meter Box Key

SH0607BMeter Box Key£0.30pereach

Radiator Keys

SH06095BBrass Radiator Key Ear Type£0.55pereach
SH0609BRadiator Key Brass T Bar£0.25pereach
SH060BRadiator Key Plastic & Brass£0.37pereach

Towel Holders

SH0610BTowel Holder White Single£0.76pereach
SH0611BTowel Holder White Double£1.86pereach
SH0612BTowel Holder White Triple£2.00pereach
SH06131BTowel Holder Stainless Steel£1.74pereach

Tap Swirls

SH0613BTap Swirl White Small£0.49pereach
SH0616BTap Swirl White Large£1.16pereach

Soap Holders

SH0619BSoap Holder Suction White£0.61pereach

Tool Clips

SH061BTool Clip Zinc Plated12mm£4.60per50
SH062BTool Clip Zinc Plated19mm£5.45per50
SH063BTool Clip Zinc Plated25mm£10.87per50
SH064BTool Clip Zinc Plated31mm£6.42per25
SH065BTool Clip Zinc Plated38mm£9.38per25

Hose Clips

SH066BHose Clip Steel Zinc Plated10-20mm£0.25pereach
SH067BHose Clip Steel Zinc Plated12-20mm£0.25pereach
SH0681BHose Clip Steel Zinc Plated19-25mm£0.40pereach
SH0682BHose Clip Steel Zinc Plated25-34mm£0.37pereach
SH0683BHose Clip Steel Zinc Plated28-41mm£0.42pereach
SH0684BHose Clip Steel Zinc Plated38-53mm£0.48pereach

Gulley Grids

SH0685BBlack Square Gulley Grid152mm£1.44pereach
SH0686BBlack Round Gulley Grid152mm£1.39pereach


SH068BBlack Wheel Peg Castor28mm£1.07per4
SH069BBlack Wheel Peg Castor31mm£1.34per4
SH070BBlack Wheel Peg Castor41mm£1.62per4
SH071BBlack Wheel Plate Castor31mm£2.18per4
SH072BBlack Wheel Plate Castor41mm£4.87per4
SH0731BSingle Wheel Socket Castor£13.21per4
SH0732BSingle Wheel Plate Castor£13.21per4
SH0735BTwin Wheel Peg Castor£5.80per4
SH0736BTwin Wheel Plate Castor£5.80per4
SH07373B75mm Swivel Soft Tread Castor£3.62pereach
SH07374B75mm Swivel Soft Tread Castor with Brake£4.56pereach

Cup Hooks

SH07379BDresser Hook Brass Plated13mm£0.95per50
SH073BDresser Hook Brass Plated19mm£0.95per50
SH074BDresser Hook Brass Plated25mm£1.00per50
SH075BDresser Hook Brass Plated31mm£1.64per50
SH076BDresser Hook Brass Plated38mm£2.18per50
SH0771BDresser Hook Brass Plated50mm£3.41per50
SH077BDresser Hook White25mm£2.46per50
SH078BDresser Hook White31mm£3.19per50
SH079BCup Hook Brass Plated19mm£1.25per50
SH080BCup Hook Brass Plated25mm£1.10per50
SH081BCup Hook Brass Plated31mm£1.44per50
SH082BCup Hook Brass Plated38mm£2.18per50
SH083BCup Hook Zinc Plated19mm£1.58per50
SH084BCup Hook Zinc Plated25mm£1.43per50
SH085BCup Hook Zinc Plated31mm£1.96per50
SH086BCup Hook Zinc Plated38mm£3.41per50
SH087BCup Hook White19mm£2.22per50
SH088BCup Hook White25mm£2.26per50
SH089BCup Hook White31mm£2.83per50
SH090BCup Hook White38mm£3.66per50

Steel Screw Hooks

SH097BSteel Screw Hook Zinc Plated55mmx8£0.64per10
SH098BSteel Screw Hook Zinc Plated60mmx10£0.88per10
SH099BSteel Screw Hook Zinc Plated80mmx12£1.22per10
SH100BSteel Screw Hook Zinc Plated100mmx18£2.87per10
SH10111BSteel Screw Hook Brass Plated55mmx8£1.04per10
SH10112BSteel Screw Hook Brass Plated60mmx10£1.00per10
SH10113BSteel Screw Hook Brass Plated80mmx12£1.50per10
SH10114BSteel Screw Hook Brass Plated100mmx18£3.78per10

Steel Screw Eyes

SH1011BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated25mmx4£0.37per25
SH1012BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated30mmx6£0.67per25
SH1013BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated35mmx8£1.03per25
SH1014BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated40mmx8£1.00per25
SH1015BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated45mmx10£1.34per25
SH1016BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated55mmx12£2.23per25
SH1017BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated65mmx14£3.80per25
SH1018BSteel Screw Eye Zinc Plated75mmx18£6.16per25
SH10125BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated25mmx4£0.42per25
SH10135BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated30mmx6£0.88per25
SH10145BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated35mmx8£1.22per25
SH10155BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated40mmx8£1.25per25
SH10165BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated45mmx10£2.14per25
SH10175BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated55mmx12£2.83per25
SH10185BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated65mmx14£4.33per25
SH10190BSteel Screw Eye Brass Plated75mmx18£7.31per25

Vine Eyes

SH10191BSteel Vine Eye Zinc Plated75mmx12£0.10pereach
SH10192BSteel Vine Eye Zinc Plated100mmx12£0.12pereach
SH10193BDrive In Eye Zinc Plated75mm£0.18pereach

S Hooks

SH10195B'S' Hook Plastic Coated100mm£0.71pereach
SH10196B'S' Hook Pointed Zinc Plated112mm£0.58pereach
SH10198BBall End 'S' Hook Zinc Plated76mm£0.46pereach
SH10199BBall End 'S' Hook Zinc Plated101mm£0.54pereach

House Numerals

SH101PSilverthorne White No.188mm£0.82perpack
SH102PSilverthorne White No.288mm£0.82perpack
SH103PSilverthorne White No.388mm£0.82perpack
SH104PSilverthorne White No.488mm£0.82perpack
SH105PSilverthorne White No.588mm£0.82perpack
SH106PSilverthorne White No.688mm£0.82perpack
SH107PSilverthorne White No.788mm£0.82perpack
SH108PSilverthorne White No.888mm£0.82perpack
SH109PSilverthorne White No.988mm£0.82perpack
SH110PSilverthorne White No.O88mm£0.82perpack
SH111PSilverthorne Black No.188mm£0.82perpack
SH112PSilverthorne Black No.288mm£0.82perpack
SH113PSilverthorne Black No.388mm£0.82perpack
SH114PSilverthorne Black No.488mm£0.82perpack
SH115PSilverthorne Black No.588mm£0.82perpack
SH116PSilverthorne Black No.688mm£0.82perpack
SH117PSilverthorne Black No.788mm£0.82perpack
SH118PSilverthorne Black No.888mm£0.82perpack
SH119PSilverthorne Black No.988mm£0.82perpack
SH120PSilverthorne Black No.O88mm£0.82perpack

Wheelie Bin Numerals

SH1211PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.1£0.37perpack
SH1212PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.2£0.37perpack
SH1213PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.3£0.37perpack
SH1214PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.4£0.37perpack
SH1215PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.5£0.37perpack
SH1216PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.6£0.37perpack
SH1217PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.7£0.37perpack
SH1218PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.8£0.37perpack
SH1219PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.9£0.37perpack
SH1220PWheelie Bin Self Adh. Numeral White 152mm No.0£0.37perpack

Hasps and Staples

SH1221BHasp & Staple Polished Brass76mm£0.85pereach
SH122BHasp & Staple Polished Brass63mm£0.89pereach

Curtain Wire

SH123BCurtain Wire30m£6.54perroll

Curtain Hooks

SH124BCurtain Wire Hook£1.74per200
SH125BCurtain Wire Eye£1.74per200

Curtain Rod Hooks

SH1261BSelf Adhesive Curtain Rod Hook£9.92per100

Curtain Rings

SH1262BCurtain Ring Brass19mm£6.91per100
SH1263BCurtain Ring Brass25mm£10.10per100
SH1264BCurtain Ring Brass30mm£12.88per100
SH12651BSplit Curtain Ring Brass Plated15mm£1.39per100
SH12652BSplit Curtain Ring Brass Plated19mm£5.15per100

Curtain Hooks

SH1266BCurtain Hook White£0.48per100
SH1267BRoller Curtain Hook Nickel Plated£3.31per100
SH1268BWire Curtain Hook Brass Plated£2.98per100
SH1269BWire Curtain Hook Zinc Plated£2.87per100

Knife Blades

SH126BHeavy Duty Trimming Knife Blades£0.83per5
SH1272BSnap Off Blade18mm£1.39per10

Trimming Knives

SH1275BMetal Retractable Knife£2.98pereach
SH1276BPlastic Snap Off Knife9mm£0.52pereach
SH1277BPlastic Snap Off Knife18mm£0.65pereach

Mirror Screws

SH127BMirror Screw Chrome Plated19mm£0.22pereach
SH128BMirror Screw Chrome Plated25mm£0.22pereach
SH129BMirror Screw Chrome Plated31mm£0.20pereach
SH130BMirror Screw Chrome Plated38mm£0.24pereach
SH131BMirror Screw Chrome Plated50mm£0.24pereach
SH132BMirror Screw Polished Brass19mm£0.18pereach
SH133BMirror Screw Polished Brass25mm£0.18pereach
SH134BMirror Screw Polished Brass31mm£0.18pereach
SH135BMirror Screw Polished Brass38mm£0.20pereach
SH136BMirror Screw Polished Brass50mm£0.22pereach

Touch Latches

SH137BTouch Latch Zinc Plated£1.03pereach


SH138BChrome Plated Steel Tube0.6mx19mm£1.50pereach
SH139BChrome Plated Steel Tube0.9mx19mm£2.10pereach
SH1501BChrome Plated Steel Tube0.6mx25mm£1.79pereach
SH1502BChrome Plated Steel Tube0.9mx25mm£2.99pereach

Tube Fittings

SH144BLarge End Bracket Chrome Plated19mm£0.83pereach
SH145BLarge Centre Bracket Chrome Plated19mm£0.85pereach
SH146BRail Socket Chrome Plated19mm£0.42pereach
SH1471BRail Socket Chrome Plated25mm£0.67pereach
SH1475BSocket With Grub Screw Chrome Plated19mm£0.40pereach
SH147BSmall End Bracket Chrome Plated19mm£0.61pereach
SH1481BSmall End Bracket Chrome Plated25mm£0.52pereach
SH1485BSmall Centre Bracket Chrome Plated19mm£0.61pereach
SH1486BSmall Centre Bracket Chrome Plated25mm£0.49pereach
SH1490BConcealed Socket Chrome Plated19mm£0.89pereach
SH1491BConcealed Socket Chrome Plated25mm£1.07pereach
SH1492BRail Elbow Chrome Plated19mm£2.69pereach


SH15081BChrome Plated Oval Steel Tube0.9mx20xmx30mm£2.92pereach
SH150BBrass Plated Steel Tube0.6mx19mm£1.92pereach
SH151BBrass Plated Steel Tube0.9mx19mm£2.68pereach
SH1561BBrass Plated Steel Tube0.6mx25mm£2.71pereach
SH1562BBrass Plated Steel Tube0.9mx25mm£2.98pereach

Tube Fittings

SH156BLarge End Bracket Brass Plated19mm£1.07pereach
SH1571BLarge End Bracket Brass Plated25mm£1.27pereach
SH157BLarge Centre Bracket Brass Plated19mm£1.15pereach
SH1581BLarge Centre Bracket Brass Plated25mm£1.34pereach
SH158BRail Socket Brass Plated19mm£0.46pereach
SH1591BRail Socket Brass Plated25mm£0.55pereach
SH159BSmall End Bracket Brass Plated19mm£0.54pereach
SH1601BSmall End Bracket Brass Plated25mm£0.67pereach
SH160BSmall Centre Bracket Brass Plated19mm£0.48pereach
SH1611BSmall Centre Bracket Brass Plated25mm£0.64pereach
SH16121BOval Rail Socket Chrome Plated30mm£0.34pereach
SH16122BOval Rail End Bracket Chrome Plated30mm£1.03pereach
SH16123BOval Rail Centre Bracket Chrome Plated30mm£0.49pereach

Worktop Legs

SH1612B60mm Adjustable Worktop Leg Chrome710mm£7.52pereach
SH1613B60mm Adjustable Worktop Leg Chrome870mm£8.17pereach
SH1614B60mm Adjustable Worktop Leg Satin710mm£8.17pereach
SH1615B60mm Adjustable Worktop Leg Satin870mm£9.05pereach

Side Hooks and Eyes

SH161BSide Hook & Eye Pair Brass Plated£0.28perpair

Toilet Roll Holders

SH165BToilet Roll Holder Chrome Plated£4.16pereach

Tube Fittings

SH168BSmall End Bracket White19mm£0.18pereach
SH1698BSmall Centre Bracket hite19mm£0.18pereach

Screw Cups

SH169BScrew Cup No 6 Nickel Plated£1.96per100
SH170BScrew Cup No 8 Nickel Plated£1.49per100
SH171BScrew Cup No 10 Nickel Plated£2.47per100
SH172BScrew Cup No 6 Brass Plated£1.96per100
SH173BScrew Cup No 8 Brass Plated£2.38per100
SH174BScrew Cup No 10 Brass Plated£2.38per100

Wall Anchors

SH1750BWall Anchor Zinc PlatedM5x45mm£0.24pereach

Spring Toggles

SH175BSpring Toggle Zinc PlatedM3x50mm£6.43per50
SH176BSpring Toggle Zinc PlatedM5x50mm£8.81per50
SH177BSpring Toggle Zinc PlatedM6x50mm£11.58per50
SH178BSpring Toggle Zinc PlatedM6x75mm£12.28per50

Stick Ferrules

SH200BStick Ferrule Black15mm£0.16pereach
SH201BStick Ferrule Black19mm£0.24pereach
SH202BStick Ferrule Black22mm£0.28pereach
SH203BStick Ferrule Black25mm£0.37pereach

Castor Cups

SH204BCastor Cup Brown53mm£0.16pereach
SH205BCastor Cup White53mm£0.12pereach
SH206BCastor Cup Large 67mm Brown£0.22pereach

Furniture Glides

SH2071BSingle Pin Glide Nickel Plated13mm£2.38per50
SH2072BSingle Pin Glide Nickel Plated16mm£3.96per50

Domes of Silence

SH208BDomes of Silence Nickel Plated20mm£0.58per10
SH209BDomes of Silence Nickel Plated25mm£0.91per10

Seat Buffers

SH212BSeat Buffer White19mm£0.16pereach
SH213BSeat Buffer Black19mm£0.16pereach

Hose Clips

SH217BThumbscrew Hose Clip13-20mm£0.40pereach

Moulding Hooks

SH223BSteel Moulding Hook Chrome Plated£0.10pereach
SH224BSteel Moulding Hook Brass Plated£0.14pereach
SH225BSteel Moulding Hook Bronze Finish£0.22pereach

Drawer Catches

SH226BChildproof Catch White Plastic£0.60pereach

Door Wedges

SH227BDoor Wedge Grey£0.83pereach

Window Wedges

SH228BWindow Wedge White£0.18pereach

Showcase Catches

SH331BShowcase Catch Polished Brass£1.25pereach
SH332BShowcase Catch Chrome Plated£1.44pereach

Hipster Key Rings

SH333BHipster Key Ring Nickel Plated£0.67pereach
SH3351BPull Apart Key Ring Nickel Plated£0.85pereach

Key Rings

SH3353BRecoil Key Chain Belt Clip Nickel Plated£1.10pereach

Hipster Key Rings

SH3355BSpiral Spring Key Ring£0.73pereach

Key Tags

SH3356BKey Tag Assorted Colours£6.22per100
SH33575BKey Tag Large Assorted Colours£4.75per10

Key Covers

SH3357BKey Covers Asstd Colours£11.23per100

Key Rings

SH335BKey Ring Nickel Plated19mm£3.37per100
SH336BKey Ring Nickel Plated25mm£5.35per100
SH337BKey Ring Nickel Plated31mm£8.02per100

Chair Ferrules

SH350BChair Ferrule Black15mm£0.14pereach
SH351BChair Ferrule Black19mm£0.22pereach
SH352BChair Ferrule Black22mm£0.34pereach
SH353BChair Ferrule Black25mm£0.34pereach

Card Frames

SH355BCard Frame Polished Brass66x25mm£0.94pereach
SH356BCard Frame Polished Brass76x38mm£1.01pereach
SH357BCard Frame Chrome Plated66x25mm£1.80pereach
SH358BCard Frame Chrome Plated76x38mm£1.90pereach

Case Handles

SH361BCase Handle Flat Black203mm£0.85pereach
SH362BCase Handle Moulded Black£0.82pereach

Case Corners

SH363BCase Corner Nickel Plated22mm£0.18pereach
SH364BCase Corner Nickel Plated28mm£0.34pereach
SH365BCase Corner Brass Plated22mm£0.18pereach
SH366BCase Corner Brass Plated28mm£0.37pereach

Case Clips

SH367BToggle Case Clip Nickel Plated45mm£0.37pereach
SH3685BToggle Case Clip Brass Plated45mm£0.37pereach
SH368BCase Clip Small Nickel Plated45mm£0.60pereach
SH3695BCase Clip Small Brass Plated45mm£0.52pereach
SH369BCase Clip Large Nickel Plated70mm£0.95pereach
SH370BCase Clip Locking Loop Nickel Plated95mm£3.44pereach
SH3711BCase Lock Nickel Plated50mm£0.89pereach
SH3712BCase Lock Brass Plated50mm£0.82pereach
SH3715BJewellery Case Catch Small£0.94pereach
SH3716BJewellery Case Catch Large£1.31pereach

Pegboard Hooks

SH387BSmall Double Hook25mm£12.37per50
SH3885BSingle Hook 5.2x25mm279mm£19.55per50

Self Adhesive Hooks

SH390BSelf Adhesive Hook Oval White Small£0.14pereach
SH391BSelf Adhesive Hook Oval White Large£0.25pereach
SH3921BSelf Adhesive Cup Hook White Mini£0.10pereach
SH3922BSelf Adhesive Calendar Hook White£0.12pereach
SH392BSelf Adhesive Hook Square White Small£0.10pereach
SH393BSelf Adhesive Hook Square White Medium£0.22pereach
SH394BSelf Adhesive Hook Square White Large£0.20pereach

Suction Hooks

SH3961BSuction Hook35mm£0.20pereach
SH3962BSuction Hook40mm£0.25pereach
SH3966BSuction Hook with Lever£0.67pereach

Tool Hooks

SH3970BTool Hook Orange£0.64pereach
SH3971BElephant Hook Orange£0.65pereach
SH3972BLadder Hook Orange£0.71pereach
SH3973BLarge All Purpose Hook£0.73pereach
SH3975BStorage Tool Hook Zinc Plated£0.79pereach


SH400BHit & Miss Vent White228x76mm£1.67pereach
SH401BHit & Miss Vent White228x152mm£2.40pereach

Drawer Slides

SH406BBall Bearing Drawer Slides246mm£3.77perpair
SH407BBall Bearing Drawer Slides310mm£3.98perpair
SH4085BBottom Fix Drawer Slide300mm£3.26perpair
SH408BBottom Fix Drawer Slide350mm£3.71perpair
SH409BBottom Fix Drawer Slide406mm£3.44perpair
SH410BBottom Fix Drawer Slide450mm£3.90perpair
SH420B45mm Ball Bearing Drawer Slide300mm£12.55perpair
SH421B45mm Ball Bearing Drawer Slide350mm£12.88perpair
SH422B45mm Ball Bearing Drawer Slide400mm£13.43perpair
SH423B45mm Ball Bearing Drawer Slide450mm£14.99perpair

Cable Tidy

SH4311BDesk Cable Tidy Black101mm£1.28pereach
SH4312BDesk Cable Tidy White101mm£1.28pereach
SH4313BDesk Cable Tidy Brown101mm£1.28pereach
SH4314BDesk Cable Tidy Light Grey101mm£1.28pereach

Screw Covers

SH440BPlastidome Screw Cover White£6.34per100
SH442BPlastidome Screw Cover Black£5.24per100
SH445BPlastidome Screw Cover Chrome Plated£11.39per100
SH446BPlastidome Screw Cover Brass Plated£10.90per100
SH450BScrew Cap & Cover White£1.62per100
SH454BScrew Cap & Cover Light Brown£1.22per100
SH455BScrew Cap & Cover Brown£1.44per100
SH456BScrew Cap & Cover Black£1.62per100
SH459BScrew Cap & Cover Beige£1.73per100
SH460BPozi Screw Cover White£1.00per100
SH465BPozi Screw Cover Brown£0.88per100
SH466BPozi Screw Cover Black£2.58per100
SH469BPozi Screw Cover Beige£0.76per100
SH470BFlush Screw Cover White£0.91per100
SH475BFlush Screw Cover Brown£0.91per100
SH476BFlush Screw Cover Black£0.37per100
SH479BFlush Screw Cover Beige£0.42per100

Shelf Supports

SH480BDrive In Shelf Support White£4.33per100
SH490BDrive In Shelf Support Brown£5.33per100
SH500BPush In Shelf Support White£1.50per100
SH510BPush In Shelf Support Brown£1.50per100
SH520BShelf Stud & Socket White£4.96per100
SH530BShelf Stud & Socket Brown£7.27per100
SH531BBookcase Banjo Socket Brass Plated£1.00per10
SH5321BBookcase Banjo Socket Nickel Plated£1.00per10
SH532BBookcase Banjo Support Brass Plated£2.77per10
SH5331BBookcase Banjo Support Nickel Plated£2.77per10
SH534BBookcase Shelf Support Brass Plated£0.37pereach
SH5350BBookcase Shelf Support Nickel Plated£0.37pereach
SH5351BBookcase Shelf Stud Brass Plated£0.37per10
SH5352BBookcase Shelf Stud Nickel Plated£0.40per10
SH5353BShelf Support Stud White5mm£0.60per10
SH5354BShelf Support Stud Clear5mm£0.60per10

Plasterboard Fixings

SH540BRedi-Driva Plasterboard Fixing£13.40per100

Plastic Fixing Plugs

SH5411BBlue Plastic Plugs14-16-18£0.89per40
SH541BBrown Plastic Plugs10-14£0.83per100
SH542BRed Plastic Plugs6-8-10£0.60per100
SH543BYellow Plastic Plugs4-6-8£0.60per100

Plasterboard Fixings

SH545BHollow Wall Plug6x35mm£7.28per100
SH546BHollow Wall Plug8x50mm£5.35per50
SH547BHollow Wall Plug10x60mm£6.91per50

Wooden Dowels

SH5505BWooden Dowel6x30mm£2.38per100
SH5506BWooden Dowel8x30mm£2.95per100
SH5507BWooden Dowel10x40mm£2.46per100
SH551BSteel Wood to Wood Dowel Screw6x25mm£2.98per100
SH552BSteel Wood to Wood Dowel Screw8x25mm£3.53per100
SH553BSteel Wood to Wood Dowel Screw8x40mm£3.53per100

Metal Dowels

SH555BWood to Metal Dowel Screw3/16UNCx25mm£1.19per50
SH556BWood to Metal Dowel Screw6x50mm£7.78per50
SH557BWood to Metal Dowel Screw8x50mm£11.09per50
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