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Screws and Bolts

Timco woodscrews and general steel and timber fasteners

Black Japanned Screws

SC078BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD4x1/2"£2.05per200(1250)
SC0811BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1/2"£1.80per200(450)
SC081BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x3/4"£3.13per200(666)
SC082BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1"£3.34per200(300)
SC0831BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1.1/4"£3.86per200(1400)
SC0832BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1.1/2"£3.64per200(800)
SC084BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x1"£5.20per200(70)
SC086BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x1.1/2"£5.28per200(116)
SC087BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x2"£5.80per200(180)
SC088BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x3/4"£3.95per200(90)
SC0901BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x1.1/4"£6.08per200(250)
SC090BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x1.1/2"£7.25per200(10)

Classic Woodscrews

SC1705BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x30mm£1.32per200(800)
SC1706BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x35mm£1.44per200(3200)
SC1707BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x40mm£1.68per200(800)
SC1709BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x12mm£0.90per200(400)
SC1710BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x16mm£0.96per200(1980)
SC1711BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x20mm£1.24per200(566)
SC1712BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x25mm£1.21per200(178)
SC1713BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x30mm£1.43per200(1400)
SC1714BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x35mm£1.68per200(3800)
SC1715BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x40mm£1.82per200(200)
SC1716BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x45mm£2.17per200(1800)
SC1717BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x50mm£2.38per200(1200)
SC1718BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x12mm£1.21per200(1200)
SC1719BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x16mm£1.25per200(2400)
SC1723BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x35mm£1.78per200(1600)
SC1727BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x55mm£3.71per200(600)
SC1731BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x16mm£1.68per200(1200)
SC1732BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x20mm£1.73per200(2800)
SC1733BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x25mm£1.79per200(2998)
SC1734BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x30mm£2.02per200(1480)
SC1735BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x35mm£2.30per200(2200)
SC1736BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x40mm£2.52per200(1200)
SC1737BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x45mm£2.87per200(1800)
SC1738BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x50mm£3.30per200(800)
SC1739BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x55mm£4.31per200(1400)
SC1740BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x60mm£4.54per200(2200)
SC1741BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x70mm£5.27per200(1000)
SC1742BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x80mm£6.47per200(200)
SC1743BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x20mm£2.26per200(2400)
SC1744BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x25mm£2.45per200(200)
SC1745BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x30mm£2.56per200(1000)
SC1746BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x35mm£2.87per200(1800)
SC1748BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x45mm£3.55per200(1000)
SC1758BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x40mm£4.44per200(1400)
SC1759BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x45mm£5.03per200(1200)
SC1760BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x50mm£5.75per200(1200)
SC1762BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x60mm£7.16per200(600)

Decking Screws

SC1775BDecking Screw YP SQ SLOT CSK HD4.5x50mm£3.46per200(200)

Self Tapping Screws

SC1841BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD6x1.1/4"£0.72per100(300)
SC1842BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD6x1.1/2"£0.91per100(847)
SC185BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD8x3/4"£0.85per100(706)
SC188BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD8x1.1/2"£1.44per100(150)
SC192BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD10x1.1/2"£1.94per100(425)
SC196BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD12x1"£1.85per100(600)

Drywall Screws

SC203BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x42mm£7.24per1000(1000)

PVC Friction Screws

SC2412BPVC Friction Screw Stainless Steel4.3x25mm£29.09per1000(2000)

Coach Screws

SC250BCoach Screw ZP1/4x1.1/2"£0.42per10(76)
SC252BCoach Screw ZP1/4x3"£0.79per10(120)
SC2535BCoach Screw ZP5/16x1"£0.44per10(500)
SC256BCoach Screw ZP1/2x2"£1.66per10(25)

Hammer Screws

SC306BNylon Hammer Screw ZP CRP HD8x60mm£0.80per10(5)

Frame Fixing Screws

SC328BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD10x140mm£2.08per10(70)

Sleeve Anchors

SC345BSleeve AnchorM8x85mm£2.48per10(54)
SC350BSleeve AnchorM12x75mm£3.25per10(46)

Through Bolts

SC370BThrough BoltM6x45mm£1.55per10(40)
SC371BThrough BoltM6x55mm£1.69per10(100)
SC372BThrough BoltM6x85mm£1.79per10(60)
SC373BThrough BoltM8x50mm£1.92per10(112)
SC374BThrough BoltM8x65mm£2.10per10(80)
SC375BThrough BoltM8x80mm£2.27per10(10)
SC376BThrough BoltM8x100mm£2.57per10(118)
SC377BThrough BoltM10x65mm£2.58per10(20)
SC378BThrough BoltM10x75mm£2.77per10(70)
SC379BThrough BoltM10x90mm£3.01per10(71)
SC380BThrough BoltM10x120mm£3.31per10(35)
SC381BThrough BoltM12x80mm£4.09per10(40)
SC382BThrough BoltM12x100mm£4.30per10(19)
SC383BThrough BoltM12x120mm£5.06per10(60.5)
SC384BThrough BoltM12x140mm£5.21per10(106)

Carriage Bolts

SC495BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM6x25mm£0.38per10(76)
SC501BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM6x75mm£0.58per10(2)
SC5037BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x40mm£0.73per10(110)
SC503BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x50mm£0.80per10(276)
SC505BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x100mm£1.39per10(100)
SC5061BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x130mm£1.51per10(220)
SC5074BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x50mm£1.40per10(30)
SC5075BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x75mm£1.70per10(130)
SC507BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x100mm£2.04per10(81)
SC515BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM12x50mm£2.57per10(105)
SC516BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM12x75mm£2.63per10(11)
SC517BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM12x100mm£3.31per10(198)

Roofing Bolts

SC534BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x35mm£0.43per10(574)
SC536BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x45mm£0.35per10(684)
SC538BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x60mm£0.59per10(150)
SC540BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x80mm£0.67per10(280)
SC541BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x100mm£0.78per10(40)

Machine Screws

SC570BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM3x12mm£0.13per10(680)
SC571BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM3x25mm£0.14per10(699)
SC572BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM3x40mm£0.16per10(448)
SC573BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM3x50mm£0.17per10(282)
SC574BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM4x12mm£0.13per10(700)
SC575BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM4x25mm£0.16per10(10)
SC578BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM5x25mm£0.20per10(45)
SC579BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM5x40mm£0.24per10(220)
SC580BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM5x50mm£0.24per10(380)
SC581BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM5x75mm£0.64per10(620)
SC582BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x25mm£0.29per10(20)
SC583BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x40mm£0.34per10(30)
SC584BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x50mm£0.48per10(116)
SC5865BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x100mm£1.90per10(477)
SC586BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM8x25mm£0.56per10(5)
SC587BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM8x40mm£0.68per10(218)
SC589BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM8x75mm£1.74per10(242)
SC590BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM10x50mm£0.47per10(180)
SC591BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM10x75mm£0.84per10(52)
SC610BCountersunk Head Machine Screw SC3/16"x2"£0.38per10(820)
SC615BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM5x25mm£0.25per10(400)
SC616BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM5x40mm£0.34per10(109)
SC618BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM6x25mm£0.31per10(74)
SC619BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM6x40mm£0.42per10(91)
SC620BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM6x70mm£0.56per10(152)
SC622BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM8x50mm£0.76per10(481)
SC625BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM10x50mm£1.21per10(7)
SC628BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM12x25mm£1.20per10(30)
SC630BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM12x75mm£2.36per10(30)

Steel Hexagon Nuts

SC700BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM3£0.30per100(2156)
SC701BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM4£0.34per100(9444)
SC702BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM5£0.42per100(526)
SC704BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM8£1.22per100(121)
SC706BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM12£5.54per100(450)

Furniture Bolts

SC713BAllen Head Furniture Bolt Zinc PlatedM6x60mm£0.10pereach(5)
SC714BAllen Head Furniture Bolt Zinc PlatedM6x100mm£0.14pereach(10)

Steel Washers

SC722BFlat Metric Washer ZPM5£0.28per100(900)

Spring Washers

SC740BSpring Washer ZPM4£0.19per100(700)
SC741BSpring Washer ZPM5£0.32per100(100)
SC743BSpring Washer ZPM8£0.50per100(150)
SC744BSpring Washer ZPM10£1.07per100(642)

Shakeproof Washers

SC751BShakeproof Washer ZPM5£0.28per100(950)
SC752BShakeproof Washer ZPM6£0.40per100(1880)
SC753BShakeproof Washer ZPM8£0.67per100(313)
SC754BShakeproof Washer ZPM10£1.16per100(798)

Corrugated Fasteners

SC800BCorrugated Fastener 5 Ridge15mm£1.93per100(268)
SC801BCorrugated Fastener 6 Ridge25mm£2.45per100(800)
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