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Screws and Bolts

Timco woodscrews and general steel and timber fasteners

Brass Woodscrews

SC045BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD2x3/8"£4.93per200
SC046BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD3x1/2"£5.03per200
SC047BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD4x1/2"£5.42per200
SC048BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD4x5/8"£4.91per200
SC049BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD4x3/4"£8.56per200
SC050BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD4x1"£9.82per200
SC0511BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD6x1/2"£7.27per200
SC051BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD6x5/8"£9.47per200
SC052BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD6x3/4"£11.88per200
SC053BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD6x1"£13.50per200
SC054BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD6x1.1/4"£14.26per200
SC055BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD6x1.1/2"£16.36per200
SC056BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD7x3/4"£9.44per200
SC057BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD7x1"£12.77per200
SC058BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD7x1.1/4"£12.31per200
SC0595BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD7x1.1/2"£12.48per200
SC0597BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD8x1/2"£8.52per200
SC059BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD8x3/4"£17.90per200
SC060BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD8x1"£20.50per200
SC061BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD8x1.1/4"£23.15per200
SC062BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD8x1.1/2"£31.28per200
SC063BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD8x1.3/4"£20.80per200
SC064BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD8x2"£26.93per200
SC065BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD10x1"£12.28per200
SC066BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD10x1.1/4"£24.65per200
SC067BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD10x1.1/2"£34.82per200
SC068BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD10x1.3/4"£27.86per200
SC069BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD10x2"£37.50per100
SC070BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD10x2.1/2"£22.09per100
SC072BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD12x1"£17.82per200
SC073BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD12x1.1/4"£28.75per200
SC074BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD12x1.1/2"£33.01per200
SC075BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD12x2"£38.84per100
SC076BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD12x2.1/2"£29.06per100
SC077BBrass Wood Screw SLOT CSK HD12x3"£28.21per100

Black Japanned Screws

SC078BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD4x1/2"£3.23per200
SC0811BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1/2"£2.83per200
SC081BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x3/4"£4.93per200
SC082BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1"£5.24per200
SC0831BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1.1/4"£6.08per200
SC0832BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1.1/2"£5.72per200
SC083BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x3/4"£6.71per200
SC084BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x1"£8.16per200
SC085BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x1.1/4"£7.70per200
SC086BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x1.1/2"£8.29per200
SC087BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x2"£9.11per200
SC088BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x3/4"£6.19per200
SC089BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x1"£7.86per200
SC0901BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x1.1/4"£9.56per200
SC090BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x1.1/2"£11.39per200
SC091BBlack Japanned Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x2"£13.34per200

Brass Woodscrews

SC093BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD4x1/2"£6.52per200
SC094BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD4x5/8"£6.48per200
SC0955BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1/2"£9.26per200
SC095BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x5/8"£8.62per200
SC096BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x3/4"£9.25per200
SC097BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD6x1"£11.72per200
SC098BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x1"£16.88per200
SC099BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x1.1/4"£20.29per200
SC1001BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x2"£26.90per200
SC100BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x1.1/2"£24.19per200
SC1015BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD8x2.1/2"£31.56per200
SC101BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x1.1/4"£23.58per200
SC102BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x1.1/2"£28.93per200
SC1035BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x2"£17.86per100
SC103BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RND HD10x2.1/2"£20.56per100
SC104BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RSD HD4x1/2"£4.14per200
SC105BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RSD HD4x5/8"£4.69per200
SC106BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RSD HD6x3/4"£7.03per200
SC107BBrass Wood Screw SLOT RSD HD6x1"£11.39per200

Twinfast Woodscrews

SC114BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD4x1/2"£0.88per200
SC115BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD4x5/8"£1.00per200
SC116BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD4x3/4"£1.00per200
SC117BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD4x1"£1.15per200
SC118BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD6x1/2"£1.07per200
SC119BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD6x5/8"£1.15per200
SC120BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD6x3/4"£1.49per200
SC121BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD6x1"£1.52per200
SC122BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD6x1.1/4"£1.86per200
SC123BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD6x1.1/2"£2.22per200
SC1240BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD6x1.3/4"£2.46per200
SC1241BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD6x2"£2.93per200
SC1251BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD7x5/8"£1.46per200
SC125BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD7x3/4"£1.64per200
SC126BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD7x1"£1.96per200
SC127BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD7x1.1/4"£2.23per200
SC128BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD7x1.1/2"£2.50per200
SC130BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x1/2"£1.27per200
SC1321BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x5/8"£1.39per200
SC132BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x3/4"£1.64per200
SC133BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x1"£2.00per200
SC134BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x1.1/4"£2.26per200
SC135BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x1.1/2"£2.46per200
SC136BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x1.3/4"£3.02per200
SC137BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x2"£3.41per200
SC138BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x2.1/4"£4.16per200
SC139BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x2.1/2"£4.36per200
SC140BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD8x3"£6.25per200
SC142BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x3/4"£2.23per200
SC143BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x1"£2.75per200
SC144BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x1.1/4"£3.05per200
SC145BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x1.1/2"£3.78per200
SC146BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x1.3/4"£4.12per200
SC147BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x2"£4.75per200
SC148BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x2.1/4"£5.40per200
SC149BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x2.1/2"£5.86per200
SC150BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x3"£6.82per200
SC151BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x3.1/2"£4.26per100
SC152BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD10x4"£4.75per100
SC154BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD12x1"£3.98per200
SC155BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD12x1.1/4"£4.39per200
SC156BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD12x1.1/2"£5.00per200
SC157BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD12x2"£6.06per200
SC159BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD12x2.1/2"£7.31per200
SC160BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD12x3"£10.00per200
SC161BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD12x3.1/2"£5.40per100
SC162BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI CSK HD12x4"£6.25per100
SC1650BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD4x1/2"£1.31per200
SC1651BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD4x5/8"£1.37per200
SC1653BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD6x1/2"£1.58per200
SC1654BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD6x5/8"£1.68per200
SC1655BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD6x3/4"£2.02per200
SC1656BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD6x1"£2.26per200
SC1657BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD6x1.1/4"£2.58per200
SC1658BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD8x1/2"£2.06per200
SC1659BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD8x5/8"£2.35per200
SC1660BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD8x3/4"£2.53per200
SC1661BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD8x1"£2.99per200
SC1662BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD8x1.1/4"£3.38per200
SC1663BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD8x1.1/2"£3.92per200
SC1664BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD8x2"£4.57per200
SC1665BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD10x1"£3.50per200
SC1666BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD10x1.1/4"£4.20per200
SC1667BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD10x1.1/2"£4.63per200
SC1668BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD10x2"£5.88per200
SC1669BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD10x2.1/2"£7.15per200
SC1670BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD10x3"£8.02per200
SC1671BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD12x1"£4.69per200
SC1672BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD12x1.1/2"£6.28per200
SC1673BTwin Thread Wood Screw ZP POZI RND HD12x2"£7.86per200

Classic Woodscrews

SC1701BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x12mm£1.15per200
SC1702BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x16mm£1.19per200
SC1703BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x20mm£1.37per200
SC1704BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x25mm£1.49per200
SC1705BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x30mm£1.90per200
SC1706BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x35mm£2.08per200
SC1707BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.0x40mm£2.44per200
SC1709BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x12mm£1.31per200
SC1710BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x16mm£1.39per200
SC1711BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x20mm£1.62per200
SC1712BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x25mm£1.74per200
SC1713BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x30mm£2.06per200
SC1714BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x35mm£2.44per200
SC1715BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x40mm£2.65per200
SC1716BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x45mm£3.13per200
SC1717BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD3.5x50mm£3.47per200
SC1718BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x12mm£1.74per200
SC1719BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x16mm£1.80per200
SC1720BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x20mm£1.86per200
SC1721BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x25mm£2.06per200
SC1722BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x30mm£2.35per200
SC1723BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x35mm£2.58per200
SC1724BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x40mm£2.86per200
SC1725BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x45mm£3.65per200
SC1726BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x50mm£3.78per200
SC1727BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x55mm£5.36per200
SC1728BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x60mm£5.54per200
SC1729BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.0x70mm£6.58per200
SC1731BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x16mm£2.44per200
SC1732BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x20mm£2.50per200
SC1733BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x25mm£2.59per200
SC1734BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x30mm£2.92per200
SC1735BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x35mm£3.35per200
SC1736BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x40mm£3.65per200
SC1737BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x45mm£4.16per200
SC1738BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x50mm£4.79per200
SC1739BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x55mm£6.24per200
SC1740BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x60mm£6.58per200
SC1741BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x70mm£7.62per200
SC1742BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD4.5x80mm£9.36per200
SC1743BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x20mm£3.25per200
SC1744BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x25mm£3.54per200
SC1745BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x30mm£3.72per200
SC1746BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x35mm£4.16per200
SC1747BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x40mm£4.44per200
SC1748BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x45mm£5.15per200
SC1749BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x50mm£5.54per200
SC1750BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x55mm£6.76per200
SC1751BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x60mm£6.94per200
SC1752BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x70mm£7.92per200
SC1753BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x80mm£9.86per200
SC1754BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x90mm£6.42per100
SC1755BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD5.0x100mm£6.85per100
SC1758BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x40mm£6.42per200
SC1759BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x45mm£7.28per200
SC1760BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x50mm£8.32per200
SC1762BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x60mm£10.39per200
SC1763BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x70mm£11.48per100
SC1764BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x80mm£15.44per200
SC1765BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x90mm£8.14per100
SC1766BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x100mm£8.89per100
SC1768BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x120mm£12.13per100
SC1769BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x130mm£13.52per100
SC1771BClassic Screw YP POZI CSK HD6.0x150mm£16.33per100

Decking Screws

SC1775BDecking Screw YP SQ SLOT CSK HD4.5x50mm£5.42per200
SC1776BDecking Screw YP SQ SLOT CSK HD4.5x60mm£6.52per200
SC1777BDecking Screw YP SQ SLOT CSK HD4.5x70mm£7.58per200

Classic Woodscrews

SC17810BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD3.5x16mm£5.48per200
SC17811BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD3.5x20mm£6.31per200
SC17812BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD3.5x25mm£6.82per200
SC17813BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD3.5x30mm£8.02per200
SC17814BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD3.5x35mm£9.47per200
SC17815BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD3.5x40mm£10.69per200
SC17821BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD4.0x25mm£8.62per200
SC17822BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD4.0x30mm£9.01per200
SC17824BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD4.0x40mm£11.94per200
SC17826BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD4.0x50mm£13.31per200
SC17831BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD5.0x50mm£20.57per200
SC17832BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD5.0x60mm£24.04per200
SC17833BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD5.0x70mm£27.82per200
SC17834BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD5.0x80mm£31.68per200
SC17835BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD5.0x90mm£19.84per100
SC17836BClassic Screw Stainless POZI CSK HD5.0x100mm£23.00per100

Self Tapping Screws

SC180BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD6x3/8"£1.15per100
SC181BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD6x1/2"£0.82per100
SC182BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD6x3/4"£0.95per100
SC183BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD6x1"£1.16per100
SC1841BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD6x1.1/4"£1.13per100
SC1842BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD6x1.1/2"£1.43per100
SC184BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD8x1/2"£1.03per100
SC185BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD8x3/4"£1.27per100
SC186BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD8x1"£1.68per100
SC187BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD8x1.1/4"£1.79per100
SC188BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD8x1.1/2"£2.08per100
SC189BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD10x3/4"£1.73per100
SC190BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD10x1"£2.04per100
SC191BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD10x1.1/4"£2.47per100
SC192BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD10x1.1/2"£2.81per100
SC194BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD12x1/2"£1.96per100
SC196BSelf Tapper Screw ZP POZI PAN HD12x1"£2.69per100

Drywall Screws

SC200BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x25mm£6.97per1000
SC201BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x32mm£8.20per1000
SC202BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x38mm£9.54per1000
SC203BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x42mm£10.33per1000
SC204BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x45mm£11.27per1000
SC205BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x50mm£12.85per1000
SC206BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x55mm£7.58per500
SC207BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD3.5x60mm£9.23per500
SC208BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD4.2x65mm£11.33per500
SC209BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD4.2x75mm£13.68per500
SC210BTwin Drywall Screw BLK POZI CSK HD4.8x100mm£25.56per500

Concrete Screws

SC2301BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x40mm£8.02per100
SC2302BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x50mm£9.74per100
SC2303BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x60mm£11.09per100
SC2304BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x70mm£12.30per100
SC2305BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x80mm£13.67per100
SC2306BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x90mm£15.08per100
SC2307BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x100mm£16.48per100
SC2308BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x110mm£18.73per100
SC2309BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x120mm£21.13per100
SC2310BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x130mm£24.00per100
SC2311BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x150mm£26.23per100
SC2312BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x180mm£33.01per100
SC2313BMulti-fix Concrete Screw YP7.5x200mm£38.44per100

PVC Friction Screws

SC2412BPVC Friction Screw Stainless Steel4.3x25mm£45.72per1000

Coach Screws

SC250BCoach Screw ZP1/4x1.1/2"£0.65per10
SC251BCoach Screw ZP1/4x2"£0.73per10
SC252BCoach Screw ZP1/4x3"£1.25per10
SC2535BCoach Screw ZP5/16x1"£0.70per10
SC253BCoach Screw ZP5/16x1.1/2"£1.25per10
SC254BCoach Screw ZP5/16x2"£1.49per10
SC255BCoach Screw ZP3/8x3"£2.23per10
SC2561BCoach Screw ZP3/8x4"£3.77per10
SC2562BCoach Screw ZP3/8x6"£4.27per10
SC256BCoach Screw ZP1/2x2"£2.59per10
SC257BCoach Screw ZP1/2x3"£3.66per10
SC258BCoach Screw ZP1/2x4"£4.32per10

Hammer Screws

SC300BNylon Hammer Screw ZP CRP HD5x30mm£0.49per10
SC306BNylon Hammer Screw ZP CRP HD8x60mm£1.27per10
SC309BNylon Hammer Screw ZP CRP HD8x120mm£2.18per10

Frame Fixing Screws

SC320BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD8x60mm£1.84per10
SC321BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD8x80mm£1.50per10
SC322BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD8x100mm£1.68per10
SC323BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD8x120mm£2.22per10
SC325BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD10x80mm£2.28per10
SC326BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD10x100mm£2.38per10
SC327BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD10x120mm£2.83per10
SC328BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD10x140mm£3.26per10
SC329BNylon Frame Fixing ZP CRP HD10x160mm£4.33per10

Sleeve Anchors

SC343BSleeve AnchorM8x40mm£2.26per10
SC344BSleeve AnchorM8x65mm£2.75per10
SC345BSleeve AnchorM8x85mm£3.90per10
SC348BSleeve AnchorM10x100mm£5.06per10
SC349BSleeve AnchorM12x60mm£4.60per10
SC350BSleeve AnchorM12x75mm£5.11per10
SC351BSleeve AnchorM12x100mm£6.95per10
SC352BSleeve AnchorM12x125mm£9.20per10

Through Bolts

SC370BThrough BoltM6x45mm£2.44per10
SC371BThrough BoltM6x55mm£2.65per10
SC372BThrough BoltM6x85mm£2.81per10
SC373BThrough BoltM8x50mm£3.01per10
SC374BThrough BoltM8x65mm£3.31per10
SC375BThrough BoltM8x80mm£3.56per10
SC376BThrough BoltM8x100mm£4.04per10
SC377BThrough BoltM10x65mm£4.06per10
SC378BThrough BoltM10x75mm£4.36per10
SC379BThrough BoltM10x90mm£4.73per10
SC380BThrough BoltM10x120mm£5.21per10
SC381BThrough BoltM12x80mm£6.43per10
SC382BThrough BoltM12x100mm£6.76per10
SC383BThrough BoltM12x120mm£7.96per10
SC384BThrough BoltM12x140mm£8.17per10

Carriage Bolts

SC490BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM6x40mm£0.61per10
SC495BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM6x25mm£0.60per10
SC500BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM6x50mm£0.82per10
SC501BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM6x75mm£0.91per10
SC502BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM6x100mm£1.22per10
SC5035BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x25mm£0.94per10
SC5037BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x40mm£1.10per10
SC503BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x50mm£1.19per10
SC504BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x75mm£1.46per10
SC505BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x100mm£1.92per10
SC5061BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x130mm£2.20per10
SC506BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM8x150mm£2.74per10
SC5074BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x50mm£2.04per10
SC5075BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x75mm£2.58per10
SC507BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x100mm£2.95per10
SC5085BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x130mm£3.60per10
SC508BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x150mm£4.21per10
SC509BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x180mm£5.21per10
SC510BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x200mm£6.58per10
SC511BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM10x220mm£6.34per10
SC515BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM12x50mm£3.72per10
SC516BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM12x75mm£3.82per10
SC517BCarriage Bolt & Nut ZPM12x100mm£4.79per10

Roofing Bolts

SC530BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x12mm£0.48per10
SC531BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x20mm£0.52per10
SC532BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x25mm£0.60per10
SC533BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x30mm£0.60per10
SC534BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x35mm£0.61per10
SC535BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x40mm£0.65per10
SC536BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x45mm£0.55per10
SC537BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x50mm£0.77per10
SC538BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x60mm£0.89per10
SC539BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x70mm£0.91per10
SC540BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x80mm£1.04per10
SC541BRoofing Bolt & Nut ZPM6x100mm£1.16per10

Machine Screws

SC570BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM3x12mm£0.20per10
SC571BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM3x25mm£0.22per10
SC572BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM3x40mm£0.24per10
SC573BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM3x50mm£0.25per10
SC574BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM4x12mm£0.20per10
SC575BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM4x25mm£0.24per10
SC576BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM4x40mm£0.34per10
SC577BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM4x50mm£0.42per10
SC578BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM5x25mm£0.31per10
SC579BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM5x40mm£0.37per10
SC580BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM5x50mm£0.37per10
SC581BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM5x75mm£1.00per10
SC582BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x25mm£0.46per10
SC583BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x40mm£0.54per10
SC584BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x50mm£0.76per10
SC585BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x75mm£1.19per10
SC5865BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM6x100mm£2.98per10
SC586BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM8x25mm£0.89per10
SC587BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM8x40mm£1.07per10
SC588BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM8x50mm£1.44per10
SC589BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM8x75mm£2.74per10
SC590BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM10x50mm£0.73per10
SC591BPan Head Machine Screw ZPM10x75mm£1.33per10
SC600BCountersunk Head Machine Screw ZPM3x25mm£0.22per10
SC601BCountersunk Head Machine Screw ZPM4x25mm£0.24per10
SC602BCountersunk Head Machine Screw ZPM5x20mm£0.28per10
SC6035BCountersunk Head Machine Screw ZPM5x40mm£0.36per10
SC603BCountersunk Head Machine Screw ZPM5x50mm£0.43per10
SC6045BCountersunk Head Machine Screw ZPM5x75mm£1.98per10
SC604BCountersunk Head Machine Screw ZPM6x40mm£0.48per10
SC605BCountersunk Head Machine Screw ZPM6x75mm£2.18per10
SC610BCountersunk Head Machine Screw SC3/16"x2"£0.60per10
SC615BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM5x25mm£0.40per10
SC616BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM5x40mm£0.54per10
SC617BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM5x75mm£0.83per10
SC618BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM6x25mm£0.49per10
SC619BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM6x40mm£0.65per10
SC620BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM6x70mm£0.89per10
SC621BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM8x25mm£0.79per10
SC622BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM8x50mm£1.19per10
SC623BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM8x70mm£1.64per10
SC624BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM10x25mm£1.39per10
SC625BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM10x50mm£1.76per10
SC626BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM10x75mm£2.71per10
SC628BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM12x25mm£1.74per10
SC629BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM12x50mm£2.53per10
SC630BHexagon Head Machine Screw ZPM12x75mm£3.42per10

Steel Studding

SC650BSteel Studding ZPM5x1m£0.76pereach
SC651BSteel Studding ZPM6x1m£0.77pereach
SC652BSteel Studding ZPM8x1m£1.19pereach
SC653BSteel Studding ZPM10x1m£1.92pereach
SC654BSteel Studding ZPM12x1m£2.75pereach

Steel Hexagon Nuts

SC700BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM3£0.48per100
SC701BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM4£0.54per100
SC702BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM5£0.65per100
SC703BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM6£1.00per100
SC704BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM8£1.92per100
SC705BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM10£4.00per100
SC706BSteel Hexagon Nut ZPM12£8.71per100

Locking Nuts

SC7091BNylon Locking Nut ZPM3£0.83per100
SC7092BNylon Locking Nut ZPM4£0.83per100
SC7093BNylon Locking Nut ZPM5£0.97per100
SC7094BNylon Locking Nut ZPM6£1.68per100
SC7095BNylon Locking Nut ZPM8£3.44per100
SC7096BNylon Locking Nut ZPM10£6.95per100
SC7097BNylon Locking Nut ZPM12£10.44per100

Steel Wing Nuts

SC710BSteel Wing Nut ZPM4£4.73per100
SC711BSteel Wing Nut ZPM5£4.93per100
SC712BSteel Wing Nut ZPM6£7.13per100
SC7131BSteel Wing Nut ZPM8£7.76per100

Furniture Bolts

SC713BAllen Head Furniture Bolt Zinc PlatedM6x60mm£0.16pereach
SC714BAllen Head Furniture Bolt Zinc PlatedM6x100mm£0.22pereach

Barrel Nuts

SC716BM6 Steel Barrel Nut ZP14x10mm£0.14pereach
SC717BM6 Steel Barrel Nut ZP20x10mm£0.12pereach

Steel Washers

SC720BFlat Metric Washer ZPM3£0.40per100
SC721BFlat Metric Washer ZPM4£0.49per100
SC722BFlat Metric Washer ZPM5£0.43per100
SC723BFlat Metric Washer ZPM6£0.64per100
SC724BFlat Metric Washer ZPM8£1.10per100
SC725BFlat Metric Washer ZPM10£2.12per100
SC726BFlat Metric Washer ZPM12£3.84per100

Repair Washers

SC729BRepair Washer ZPM5x20mm£2.47per100
SC730BRepair Washer ZPM5x25mm£3.11per100
SC7311BRepair Washer ZPM5x30mm£3.96per100
SC7315BRepair Washer ZPM6x20mm£2.12per100
SC731BRepair Washer ZPM6x25mm£3.25per100
SC7321BRepair Washer ZPM6x30mm£4.33per100
SC732BRepair Washer ZPM6x38mm£7.13per100
SC733BRepair Washer ZPM8x25mm£2.81per100
SC734BRepair Washer ZPM8x38mm£6.83per100
SC7355BRepair Washer ZPM10x25mm£5.03per100
SC735BRepair Washer ZPM10x38mm£6.91per100

Spring Washers

SC740BSpring Washer ZPM4£0.30per100
SC741BSpring Washer ZPM5£0.52per100
SC742BSpring Washer ZPM6£0.54per100
SC743BSpring Washer ZPM8£0.79per100
SC744BSpring Washer ZPM10£1.68per100

Shakeproof Washers

SC750BShakeproof Washer ZPM4£0.40per100
SC751BShakeproof Washer ZPM5£0.43per100
SC752BShakeproof Washer ZPM6£0.61per100
SC753BShakeproof Washer ZPM8£1.04per100
SC754BShakeproof Washer ZPM10£1.82per100

Corrugated Fasteners

SC800BCorrugated Fastener 5 Ridge15mm£3.02per100
SC801BCorrugated Fastener 6 Ridge25mm£3.84per100
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