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Outdoor Hardware

Gate, shed and field gate ironmongery and chain fittings

Cleat Hooks

OH0103BChrome Cleat Hook75mm£0.60pereach(27)


OH0125BAxle Pulley Brass Face45mm£3.06pereach(1)
OH0126BAxle Pulley Galvanised45mm£1.03pereach(9)
OH012BSingle Wheel Pulley Galvanised38mm£1.51pereach(3)
OH0130BWashing Line Pulley Zinc Plated£1.66pereach(4)

Hasps and Staples

OH016BSafety Hasp & Staple Galvanised76mm£0.74pereach(33)

Cabin Hooks

OH024BGate Hook & Eye Zinc Plated50mm£0.05pereach(2)
OH025BGate Hook & Eye Zinc Plated76mm£0.07pereach(1)
OH026BGate Hook & Eye Zinc Plated101mm£0.07pereach(141)

Garage Door Holders

OH0291BGarage Door Holders Narrow Lintel600mm£27.12perpair(1)
OH029BGarage Door Holders600mm£20.16perpair(1)
OH0301BGarage Door Holders375mm£19.37perpair(3)

Rack Ends

OH042BWhite Rack End350mm£4.04pereach(2)

Repair Links

OH066BRepair Link Zinc Plated6mm£1.34per10(62)

D Shackles

OH070B'D' Shackle Zinc Plated5mm£2.77per10(8)
OH074B'D' Shackle Zinc Plated12mm£10.46per10(6)

Snap Hooks

OH075BSnap Hook Zinc Plated5mm£4.36per10(33)

Swivel Spring Hooks

OH0794BSwivel Spring Hook Zinc Plated80mm£1.60pereach(9)

Quick Links

OH082BQuick Link Zinc Plated6mm£4.67per10(5)

Hook Bolts

OH0902BHook Bolt Zinc Plated M6x100mm£0.54pereach(45)
OH0904BHook Bolt Zinc Plated M8x80mm£0.83pereach(82)
OH0907BHook Bolt Zinc Plated M10x80mm£1.32pereach(40)


OH090BTurnbuckle Zinc Plated5mm£0.91pereach(18)
OH091BTurnbuckle Zinc Plated6mm£1.03pereach(25)

Chain Thimbles

OH095BChain Thimble Zinc Plated5mm£0.16pereach(51)
OH096BChain Thimble Zinc Plated6mm£0.13pereach(149)
OH097BChain Thimble Zinc Plated8mm£0.18pereach(18)
OH098BChain Thimble Zinc Plated10mm£0.23pereach(81)

Wire Rope Clamps

OH102BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated8mm£0.28pereach(14)
OH104BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated13mm£0.86pereach(4)
OH105BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated16mm£1.03pereach(13)

Field Gate Fittings

OH220BField Gate Spring Catch Galvanised£7.55perset(3)
OH224BField Gate Set Galvanised450mm£13.24perset(1)
OH225BField Gate Set Galvanised600mm£14.65perset(9)
Stockfile Date: 13/05/2024 09:39:28
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