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Outdoor Hardware

Gate, shed and field gate ironmongery and chain fittings

Suffolk Latches

OH001BSuffolk Latch Black Japanned£1.62perset
OH0021BSuffolk Latch Galvanised£1.98perset
OH0024BHeavy 50/4 Suffolk Latch Spelter Galvanised£4.06perset

Gate Rings

OH003BPlain Ring Gate Latch Black Japanned152mm£4.85perset
OH0045BPlain Ring Gate Latch Zinc Plated152mm£4.85perset
OH004BTwisted Ring Gate Latch Black Japanned152mm£4.96perset
OH0051BTwisted Ring Gate Latch Zinc Plated152mm£4.96perset
OH0052BPlain Ring Gate Latch Spelter Galvanised152mm£4.16perset
OH0053BTwisted Ring Gate Latch Spelter Galvanised152mm£4.96perset

Auto Gate Latches

OH0055BAuto Gate Latch Black Japanned50mm£1.03pereach
OH005BAuto Gate Latch Galvanised50mm£1.22pereach
OH0062BHeavy Auto Gate Latch Spelter Galvanised57mm£2.10pereach
OH0064BAuto Gate Latch Striker Black£0.85pereach
OH0065BAuto Gate Latch Striker Galvanised£0.85pereach

Gate Springs

OH006BGate/Door Spring Black Japanned260mm£2.44pereach
OH0075BGate/Door Spring Zinc Plated260mm£2.69pereach

Cleat Hooks

OH007BCleat Hook Galvanised76mm£0.55pereach
OH008BCleat Hook Galvanised101mm£0.65pereach
OH009BCleat Hook Galvanised127mm£0.77pereach
OH0101BBrass Cleat Hook63mm£0.76pereach
OH0102BBrass Cleat Hook82mm£1.13pereach
OH0103BChrome Cleat Hook75mm£0.95pereach


OH0122BUpright Pulley on Back Plate38mm£1.10pereach
OH0125BAxle Pulley Brass Face45mm£4.81pereach
OH0126BAxle Pulley Galvanised45mm£1.39pereach
OH012BSingle Wheel Pulley Galvanised38mm£2.38pereach
OH0130BWashing Line Pulley Zinc Plated£1.68pereach
OH0131BSingle Wheel Screw Pulley Black Japanned£3.71pereach
OH0132BDouble Wheel Screw Pulley Black Japanned£4.24pereach

Hasps and Staples

OH013BSafety Hasp & Staple Black Japanned76mm£1.07pereach
OH014BSafety Hasp & Staple Black Japanned114mm£1.19pereach
OH015BSafety Hasp & Staple Black Japanned152mm£1.43pereach
OH016BSafety Hasp & Staple Galvanised76mm£1.16pereach
OH017BSafety Hasp & Staple Galvanised114mm£1.25pereach
OH018BSafety Hasp & Staple Galvanised152mm£1.46pereach
OH019BWire Hasp & Staple Black Japanned76mm£0.28pereach
OH020BWire Hasp & Staple Black Japanned101mm£0.28pereach

Cabin Hooks

OH021BCabin Hook Black Japanned101mm£0.89pereach
OH022BCabin Hook Black Japanned152mm£1.07pereach
OH023BCabin Hook Black Japanned203mm£1.27pereach
OH0241BCabin Hook Black Japanned254mm£1.88pereach
OH0242BCabin Hook Black Japanned304mm£1.73pereach
OH0245BCabin Hook Zinc Plated101mm£0.60pereach
OH0246BCabin Hook Zinc Plated152mm£0.70pereach
OH0247BCabin Hook Zinc Plated203mm£1.27pereach
OH024BGate Hook & Eye Zinc Plated50mm£0.08pereach
OH025BGate Hook & Eye Zinc Plated76mm£0.12pereach
OH026BGate Hook & Eye Zinc Plated101mm£0.10pereach

Handrail Brackets

OH028BHandrail Bracket White63mm£0.76pereach

Garage Door Holders

OH0291BGarage Door Holders Narrow Lintel600mm£42.61perpair
OH029BGarage Door Holders600mm£29.24perpair
OH0301BGarage Door Holders375mm£21.60perpair

Locking Bars

OH030BLocking Bar Bolt-on Black Japanned203mm£6.52pereach
OH031BLocking Bar Bolt-on Black Japanned254mm£6.70pereach
OH03213B152mm Vertical Locking Bar Galvanised£8.22pereach
OH03215BSwivel Locking Bar Black Japanned203mm£6.34pereach
OH03216BSwivel Locking Bar Black Japanned254mm£6.54pereach
OH0321BLocking Bar Staple Black Japanned£2.41pereach
OH0322BLocking Bar Staple Zinc Plated£0.79pereach

Door Handles

OH032BNo. 1928 Pull Handle Black Japanned152mm£1.39pereach
OH033BNo. 891 Hot Bed Handle Black Japanned152mm£0.73pereach
OH0345BNo. 891 Hot Bed Handle Galvanised152mm£1.39pereach

Door Stays

OH034BSprung Garage Door Stay Grey152mm£7.90per2

Chest Handles

OH035BChest Handle Black Japanned102mm£4.21pereach

Trap Door Handles

OH037BTrap Door Ring Black Japanned89mm£4.84pereach

Turn Buttons

OH039BTurn Button Black Japanned50mm£0.18pereach
OH0401BTurn Button Zinc Plated50mm£0.30pereach

Line Hooks

OH040BDrive in Line Hook Zinc Plated152mm£0.61pereach
OH041BSwing Hook Zinc Plated152mm£0.71pereach

Ring on Plate

OH0421BRing on Plate Galvanised 50 x50mm£1.37pereach

Hook on Plate

OH0422BHook on Plate Galvanised50x50mm£1.39pereach

Rack Ends

OH042BWhite Rack End350mm£6.36pereach

S Hooks

OH060B'S' Hook Zinc Plated40mm£0.89per10
OH061B'S' Hook Zinc Plated50mm£1.76per10

Repair Links

OH065BRepair Link Zinc Plated5mm£1.64per10
OH066BRepair Link Zinc Plated6mm£2.12per10
OH067BRepair Link Zinc Plated8mm£4.00per10

D Shackles

OH070B'D' Shackle Zinc Plated5mm£3.53per10
OH071B'D' Shackle Zinc Plated6mm£3.96per10
OH072B'D' Shackle Zinc Plated8mm£6.00per10
OH073B'D' Shackle Zinc Plated10mm£12.06per10
OH074B'D' Shackle Zinc Plated12mm£16.44per10

Snap Hooks

OH075BSnap Hook Zinc Plated5mm£6.85per10
OH076BSnap Hook Zinc Plated6mm£7.15per10
OH077BSnap Hook Zinc Plated8mm£7.78per10
OH078BSnap Hook Zinc Plated10mm£14.22per10

Swivel Spring Hooks

OH0793BSwivel Spring Hook Zinc Plated75mm£1.44pereach
OH0794BSwivel Spring Hook Zinc Plated80mm£2.52pereach

Quick Links

OH080BQuick Link Zinc Plated4mm£6.36per10
OH081BQuick Link Zinc Plated5mm£7.37per10
OH082BQuick Link Zinc Plated6mm£6.46per10
OH083BQuick Link Zinc Plated8mm£12.40per10


OH085BEyebolt Zinc Plated6x152mm£0.42pereach
OH086BEyebolt Zinc Plated8x152mm£0.88pereach
OH0875BEyebolt Zinc Plated8x203mm£0.83pereach
OH087BEyebolt Zinc Plated10x203mm£1.13pereach
OH088BEyebolt Zinc Plated10x254mm£0.89pereach

Hook Bolts

OH0902BHook Bolt Zinc Plated M6x100mm£0.85pereach
OH0904BHook Bolt Zinc Plated M8x80mm£1.31pereach
OH0907BHook Bolt Zinc Plated M10x80mm£2.08pereach


OH090BTurnbuckle Zinc Plated5mm£1.16pereach
OH091BTurnbuckle Zinc Plated6mm£1.52pereach
OH092BTurnbuckle Zinc Plated8mm£1.55pereach
OH093BTurnbuckle Zinc Plated10mm£1.39pereach

Chain Thimbles

OH095BChain Thimble Zinc Plated5mm£0.24pereach
OH096BChain Thimble Zinc Plated6mm£0.20pereach
OH097BChain Thimble Zinc Plated8mm£0.28pereach
OH098BChain Thimble Zinc Plated10mm£0.36pereach

Wire Rope Clamps

OH100BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated5mm£0.22pereach
OH101BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated6mm£0.30pereach
OH102BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated8mm£0.43pereach
OH103BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated10mm£0.61pereach
OH104BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated13mm£1.37pereach
OH105BWire Rope Clamp Zinc Plated16mm£1.62pereach


OH110B10m Straight Link Chain Galvanised3mm£11.45pereach
OH111B10m Straight Link Chain Galvanised4mm£17.17pereach
OH112B10m Straight Link Chain Galvanised5mm£25.58pereach
OH113B10m Straight Link Chain Galvanised6mm£37.03pereach
OH115B10m Straight Link Chain Black3mm£11.60pereach
OH116B10m Straight Link Chain Black4mm£14.80pereach
OH117B10m Straight Link Chain Black5mm£22.09pereach
OH118B10m Straight Link Chain Black6mm£32.08pereach

R Clips

OH122BR Clip Zinc Plated3.5x67mm£1.39per10
OH123BR Clip Zinc Plated4.0x75mm£1.58per10

Auto Gate Latches

OH200BField Gate Auto Latch Galvanised£5.24pereach
OH202BAuto Gate Latch Cranked Striker Galvanised£2.38pereach

Field Gate Throwover

OH204BField Gate Throwover Galvanised304mm£8.06pereach

Stable Kickover Latches

OH210BStable Gate Kickover Latch Galvanised£7.19perset

Field Gate Fittings

OH220BField Gate Spring Catch Galvanised£11.86perset
OH224BField Gate Set Galvanised450mm£20.80perset
OH225BField Gate Set Galvanised600mm£23.03perset
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