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Internal and external hinges in a variety of sizes and finishes

Hooks and Bands

H01915BHooks & Bands Galvanised600mm£13.31perpair(6)
H019174BCranked Hooks & Bands Black500mm£10.54perpair(14)
H019175BCranked Hooks & Bands Black600mm£10.01perpair(7)
H019177BCranked Hooks & Bands Galvanised300mm£5.26perpair(6)
H019178BCranked Hooks & Bands Galvanised375mm£6.97perpair(2)
H019180BCranked Hooks & Bands Galvanised500mm£11.04perpair(2)
H019181BCranked Hooks & Bands Galvanised600mm£13.62perpair(10)

Hook and Band Pins

H019198BHook to Build for 227mm Brick Galv15mm£7.81perpair(8)

Butt Hinges

H019BSteel Butt Hinge Self Coloured25mm£0.11perpair(5)
H020BSteel Butt Hinge Self Coloured38mm£0.13perpair(442)

Security Hinges

H0255BSteel Security Hinge Yellow Passivated101mm£2.96perpair(14)

Rising Butt Hinges

H0272BRising Butt Hinge Self Coloured Right Hand101mm£3.89perpair(3)
H0291BRising Butt Hinge Brass Plated Left Hand101mm£5.34perpair(1)
H0292BRising Butt Hinge Brass Plated Right Hand101mm£5.34perpair(4)
H027BRising Butt Hinge Brass Plated Left Hand76mm£2.57perpair(3)

Stormproof Hinges

H030BStormproof Hinge Brass Plated63mm£0.76perpair(19)

Backflap Hinges

H032BSteel Backflap Hinge Zinc Plated38mm£0.61perpair(25)

Butt Hinges

H043BDSW Polished Brass Hinge101x66mm£4.80perpair(.5)
H0452BDSW Chrome Plated Brass Hinge101x66mm£5.52perpair(26)
H047BSteel Butt Hinge Brass Plated50mm£0.42perpair(10)
H048BSteel Butt Hinge Brass Plated63mm£0.64perpair(14)
H0515BSteel Butt Hinge Chrome Plated25mm£0.48perpair(22)
H0517BSteel Butt Hinge Chrome Plated50mm£0.89perpair(39)

Flush Hinges

H0551BFlush Hinge Zinc Plated38mm£0.32perpair(23)
H0554BFlush Hinge Zinc Plated76mm£0.85perpair(57)
H05551BFlush Hinge Bronze Plated38mm£0.17perpair(293)
H0567BDouble Cranked Flush Hinge Brass Plated50x16mm£0.74perpair(69)
H056BFinialled Flush Hinge Brass Plated50mm£0.46perpair(144)
H057BFinialled Flush Hinge Brass Plated63mm£0.58perpair(134)
H05912BFinialled Flush Hinge Bronze Plated50mm£0.46perpair(199)

Cabinet Hinges

H0602BFlat Concealed Hinge 50mm Brass Plated£0.96perpair(15)

Table Hinges

H063BTable Leaf Hinge Bronze Finish31mm£0.52perpair(48)

Concealed Hinges

H065BPivot Hinge Bronze Finish£0.25perpair(97)
H066BConcealed Hinge Clip-on Zinc Alloy35mm£1.49perpair(3)

Cabinet Hinges

H071BCabinet Door Damper£0.41pereach(17)

Loose Pin Hinges

H082BLoose Pin Steel Butt Brass Plated76mm£0.52perpair(2)

Parliament Hinges

H089BParliament Hinge Steel100x75x125mm£2.08perpair(3)

Butt Hinges

H093BLight Brass Hinge12mm£0.19perpair(170)
H094BLight Brass Hinge19mm£0.20perpair(197)
H095BLight Brass Hinge25mm£0.24perpair(127)

Friction Hinges

H100BNico Top Hung Friction Hinge 13mm Stack200mm£1.54perpair(2)
H108BNico Side Hung Friction Hinge 13mm Stack300mm£2.11perpair(20)

Stainless Steel Hinges

H126BStainless Steel Hinge Satin101x70mm£1.75perpair(.5)

Window Restrictor

H160BWindow Restrictor L/H Sprung125mm£2.05pereach(23)
H161BWindow Restrictor R/H Sprung125mm£2.05pereach(18)
H165BWindow Restrictor Chrome Black Cable£2.52pereach(74)
Stockfile Date: 13/05/2024 09:39:28
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