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Georgian Brassware

Georgian style polished solid brass door and window furniture

Mortice Knobs

G0100BGeorgian Knob Latch£9.60perset
G0101BGeorgian Knob Lock£7.33perset

Lever Handles

G01025BGeorgian Superior Lever Latch£9.80perset
G0102BGeorgian Lever Latch£7.62perset
G01035BGeorgian Superior Lever Lock£10.69perset
G0103BGeorgian Lever Lock£8.81perset
G010415BGeorgian Superior Lever Bathroom Lock£9.98perset
G01041BGeorgian Lever Bathroom Lock£12.97perset

Mortice Knobs

G01095BGeorgian Superior Mortice Knob£6.42perset
G0109BGeorgian Mortice Knob£9.42perset

Keyhole Escutcheons

G0111BGeorgian Open Escutcheon Plate£0.46pereach
G0112BGeorgian Covered Escutcheon Plate£0.82pereach

Door Knockers

G0114BGeorgian Urn Door Knocker203mm£5.70pereach
G0200BGeorgian Urn Door Knocker152mm£5.57pereach

Letter Plates

G0116BGeorgian Letter Plate254x76mm£9.08pereach
G0117BGeorgian Letter Plate279x95mm£12.64pereach

Lever Handles

G0119BGeorgian Lever Latch Shaped Plate£12.48perset

Casement Fasteners

G0122BGeorgian Wedge Casement Fastener£3.26pereach
G0123BGeorgian Mortice/Hook Plate Casement Fastener£1.79pereach

Cylinder Pulls

G0127BGeorgian Cylinder Pull£1.74pereach

Finger Plates

G0128BGeorgian Finger Plate304x76mm£6.91pereach

Bell Pushes

G0146BGeorgian Bell Push76x25mm£2.50pereach
G0147BGeorgian Round Bell Push55mm£2.59pereach

Door Knockers

G0210BGeorgian Slim Door Knocker40x152mm£5.70pereach

Lever Handles

G0555BGeorgian Superior Privacy Latch£9.26perset
G055BGeorgian Lever Privacy Latch£11.29perset

Door Handles

G1254BGeorgian Bow Handle127mm£2.32pereach
G1257BGeorgian Bow Handle177mm£4.27pereach
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