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Floor Metals and Tapes

Carpet fittings from Rolabond and floor and general use adhesive tapes

Carpet Trims

CL001PDouble Carpet Binder Satin Aluminium900mm£1.98perpack
CL002PDouble Carpet Binder Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.52perpack
CL003PSingle Carpet Binder Satin Aluminium900mm£1.88perpack
CL004PSingle Carpet Binder Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.04perpack
CL005PCarpet Cover Strip Satin Aluminium900mm£1.58perpack
CL006PCarpet Cover Strip Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£1.62perpack
CL007PLino Edging Strip Satin Aluminium900mm£1.49perpack
CL0080PLino Edging Strip Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.38perpack
CL008PLino Cover Strip Satin Aluminium900mm£1.44perpack
CL0090PLino Cover Strip Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.23perpack
CL010PCarpet to Laminate Satin Aluminium900mm£2.47perpack
CL011PCarpet to Laminate Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.81perpack
CL0121PWide Carpet Cover Strip Satin Aluminium900mm£2.26perpack
CL0122PWide Carpet C/Strip Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.99perpack
CL0123PCurved Edge Strip Satin Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.20perpack
CL0124PCurved Edge Strip Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.83perpack
CL0125PSquare Edge Strip Satin Anodised Aluminium900mm£1.84perpack
CL0126PSquare Edge Strip Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.59perpack
CL0127PTwin Grip Strip Satin Anodised Aluminium900mm£2.56perpack
CL0128PTwin Grip Strip Gold Anodised Aluminium900mm£3.17perpack

Carpet Adhesive

CL0145BCarpet Adhesive Aerosol Spray500ml£3.90pereach


CL0312BClear Stationery Tape 25mm x66m£0.91perroll
CL031BParcel Tape Buff 50mm x66m£1.07perroll
CL0320BFragile Parcel Tape50x66m£1.33perroll
CL032BPaper Masking Tape19mm£0.83perroll
CL033BPaper Masking Tape25mm£1.01perroll
CL034BPaper Masking Tape38mm£1.74perroll
CL035BPaper Masking Tape50mm£2.34perroll


CL040BPTFE Tape White£0.48perroll

Petro Tape

CL042BPetro Tape50mmx10m£9.50perroll


CL043BPVC Electrical Tape Black4.5mx19mm£2.02per10
CL045BPVC Electrical Tape Red4.5mx19mm£2.02per10
CL046BPVC Electrical Tape Blue4.5mx19mm£2.02per10
CL047BPVC Electrical Tape Green4.5mx19mm£2.02per10
CL049BPVC Electrical Tape Brown4.5mx19mm£2.02per10
CL050BGaffa Tape Black50mx50mm£3.74perroll
CL051BGaffa Tape White50mx50mm£3.74perroll
CL052BGaffa Tape Silver50mx50mm£3.74perroll
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