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ERA Security

High-quality door and window security fittings manufactured by Era Security Ltd

Casement Fasteners

ER03221PEra Maxim 3 Window Handle White£6.31perpack
ER03222PEra Maxim 3 Window Handle Brass£7.33perpack
ER03223PEra Maxim 3 Window Handle Chrome£7.76perpack

Lever Handles

ER03291PEra Classic MPL Door Handle White£24.36perpack
ER03292PEra Classic MPL Door Handle Gold£32.57perpack
ER03293PEra Classic MPL Door Handle Chrome£32.57perpack

Mortice Locks

ER201-3PEra Viscount Mortice Dead Lock Brass63mm£17.52perpack
ER201-5PEra Viscount Mortice Dead Lock Satin63mm£17.52perpack
ER201-6PEra Viscount Mortice Dead Lock Chrome63mm£17.52perpack
ER202-3PEra Viscount Mortice Sash Lock Brass63mm£21.80perpack
ER202-5PEra Viscount Mortice Sash Lock Satin63mm£21.80perpack
ER202-6PEra Viscount Mortice Sash Lock Chrome63mm£21.80perpack
ER301-3PEra Viscount Mortice Dead Lock Brass76mm£17.52perpack
ER301-5PEra Viscount Mortice Dead Lock Satin76mm£17.52perpack
ER301-6PEra Viscount Mortice Dead Lock Chrome76mm£17.52perpack
ER302-3PEra Viscount Mortice Sash Lock Brass76mm£21.80perpack
ER302-5PEra Viscount Mortice Sash Lock Satin76mm£21.80perpack
ER302-6PEra Viscount Mortice Sash Lock Chrome76mm£21.80perpack
ER609-0BEra Viscount Lock Key Blank£1.37pereach

Rebate Locks

ER217-3PEra Viscount Rebated Sash Lock Brass63mm£27.66perpack
ER217-5PEra Viscount Rebated Sash Lock Satin63mm£27.66perpack
ER243-3PEra Bathroom Sash Lock Brass Plated63mm£8.89perpack
ER243-6PEra Bathroom Sash Lock Chrome Plated63mm£8.89perpack
ER287-3PEra 2 Lever Rebated Sash Lock Brass63mm£24.30perpack
ER287-6PEra 2 Lever Rebated Sash Lock Chrome63mm£24.30perpack
ER343-6PEra Bathroom Sash Lock Chrome Plated76mm£8.89perpack

Mortice Locks

ER261-3PEra Fortress Mortice Dead Lock Brass63mm£23.28perpack
ER261-5PEra Fortress Mortice Dead Lock Satin63mm£23.28perpack
ER261-6PEra Fortress Mortice Dead Lock Chrome63mm£23.28perpack
ER262-3PEra Fortress Mortice Sash Lock Brass63mm£24.58perpack
ER262-5P262-52 Era Fortress Mortice Sash Lock Satin63mm£24.58perpack
ER262-6PEra Fortress Mortice Sash Lock Chrome63mm£24.58perpack
ER361-3PEra Fortress Mortice Dead Lock Brass76mm£23.28perpack
ER361-5PEra Fortress Mortice Dead Lock Satin76mm£23.28perpack
ER361-6PEra Fortress Mortice Dead Lock Chrome76mm£23.28perpack
ER362-3PEra Fortress Mortice Sash Lock Brass76mm£24.58perpack
ER362-5PEra Fortress Mortice Sash Lock Satin76mm£24.58perpack
ER362-6PEra Fortress Mortice Sash Lock Chrome76mm£24.58perpack
ER608-0BEra Invincible Lock Key Blank£1.49pereach

Security Bolts

ER506-5PEra Security Bolt Key Chrome Plated£3.88perpack
ER838-1PEra Door Security Bolt White£8.12perpack
ER838-3PEra Door Security Bolt Polished Brass£13.46perpack
ER838-5PEra Door Security Bolt Satin£13.46perpack


ER675-0BEra 975 Padlock Key Blank£1.68pereach
ER975-9PEra 5 Lever Padlock Zinc Plated63mm£31.22perpack

Door Chains

ER788-3PEra Door Chain Polished Brass£9.29perpack
ER791-3PEra Door Chain Polished Brass£3.96perpack
ER791-5PEra Door Chain Satin£8.83perpack
ER791-6PEra Door Chain Chrome Plated£3.96perpack

Night Latch Cylinders

ER863-3PEra Replacement Cylinder Polished Brass£8.04perpack
ER863-5PEra Replacement Cylinder Satin£8.04perpack
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