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Electrical Accessories

Electrical fittings, lamps, bulbs, batteries, cable and security lighting

Electric Cable

EL054B2182Y 2 Core PVC Round White 6A 0.75mm100m£31.74pereach
EL060B2192Y 2 Core PVC Oval White 3A 0.50mm50m£14.20pereach
EL061B2192Y 2 Core PVC Oval White 3A 0.50mm100m£23.00pereach
EL066B3182Y 2 Core PVC Round White 6A 0.75mm100m£33.82pereach
EL072B3183Y 3 Core PVC Round White 13A 1.25mm50m£35.58pereach
EL073B3183Y 3 Core PVC Round White 13A 1.50mm50m£36.37pereach
EL077B6242Y 2 Core+Earth Grey 2.50mm50m£45.88pereach

Light Switches

EL101B1 Gang 2 Way Wall Switch£1.15pereach
EL103B2 Gang 2 Way Wall Switch£1.79pereach
EL104B3 Gang 2 Way Wall Switch£2.10pereach
EL106BSingle Dimmer Switch£6.42pereach

Heater Switches

EL108BWater Heater Switch with Neon Indicator£3.41pereach
EL109BWater Heater Switch No Neon Indicator45A£3.96pereach

Cooker Switches

EL1101BCooker Switch & Socket with Neon45A£7.46pereach

Power Sockets

EL110BSingle Unswitched Wall Socket£1.52pereach
EL111BSingle Switched Wall Socket£1.84pereach
EL116BDouble Switched Wall Socket£3.17pereach
EL1173BDouble Switched Wall Socket with 2 USB£12.40pereach
EL1174BDouble Switched Wall Socket with RCD£30.98pereach


EL117BUnswitched Fused Spur£3.08pereach
EL118BSwitched Fused Spur£3.92pereach
EL119BSwitched Fused Spur with Neon Indicator£4.84pereach

Switch Boxes

EL120B1 Gang Surface Box Depth16mm£0.88pereach
EL121B1 Gang Surface Box Depth25mm£0.88pereach
EL1221B1 Gang Surface Box Depth35mm£1.04pereach
EL1222B1 Gang Surface Box Depth47mm£1.44pereach
EL122B2 Gang Surface Box Depth25mm£1.22pereach
EL123B2 Gang Surface Box Depth35mm£1.33pereach
EL124B2 Gang Surface Box Depth47mm£2.23pereach
EL125B1 Gang Hollow Wall Box£1.03pereach
EL126B2 Gang Hollow Wall Box£1.52pereach
EL127BSingle Metal Wall Box16mm£0.64pereach
EL128BSingle Metal Wall Box25mm£0.82pereach
EL129BDouble Metal Wall Box25mm£1.07pereach

Trailing Sockets

EL130B1 Gang Trailing Socket£1.90pereach
EL131B2 Gang Trailing Socket£2.12pereach
EL132B4 Gang Trailing Socket£3.90pereach
EL133B1 Gang Orange Rubber Trailing Socket£2.04pereach
EL134B2 Gang Orange Rubber Trailing Socket£3.02pereach
EL13561B4 Gang Trailing Socket with Cable & Plug/Surge£5.35pereach
EL135B4 Gang Trailing Socket with Cable & Plug£4.21pereach
EL136B1 Gang Trailing Socket with 5m Cable & 5amp Plug£5.36pereach
EL137B1 Gang Trailing Socket with 5m Cable & 13amp Plug£5.48pereach

Extension Reels

EL1392B2 Socket 5m Extension Reel 13 Amp£9.86pereach
EL1394B2 Socket 10m Extension Reel 13 Amp£13.03pereach

Plug Tops

EL140B13 Amp White Plastic Fused Plug£1.22pereach
EL141B13 Amp White Rubber Fused Plug£2.00pereach
EL142B13 Amp Black Rubber Fused Plug£2.95pereach
EL145BEasi Pull Self Adhseive Plug Handle£0.25pereach

Power Sockets

EL146B13 Amp 2 Way Adaptor£1.50pereach
EL147B13 Amp 3 Way Fused Adaptor£2.44pereach
EL148B1 Amp Shaver Adaptor£1.44pereach
EL149BContinental Travel Adaptor Socket£1.33pereach

Lamp Holders

EL160BLampholder with Cord Grip£0.97pereach
EL161BLampholder with Cord Grip & Switch£0.89pereach
EL162BThreaded Lampholder12mm£1.09pereach
EL1635BLampholder Brass Unswitched12mm£2.68pereach
EL1636BLampholder Brass Switched12mm£4.16pereach
EL163BStraight Batten Lampholder£1.98pereach
EL164BAngled Batten Lampholder£1.25pereach
EL165BLampholder with Cord & Rose152mm£2.71pereach

Junction Boxes

EL166B20 Amp 4 Terminal Junction Box£1.62pereach
EL167B30 Amp 3 Terminal Junction Box£1.94pereach

Wire Connectors

EL168B13 Amp 3 Terminal Flex Connector£1.31pereach
EL169B5 Amp 2 Terminal Flex Connector£1.50pereach
EL172B10 Amp 2 Pin Connector White£2.41pereach
EL173B5 Amp 3 Pin Connector White£3.08pereach

Through Switches

EL175B5 Amp White Through Switch£1.62pereach

Earth Clamp

EL179BEarth Clamp Red£1.70pereach

Earth Cable

EL180B1 Metre Earth Sleeving£0.18pereach

Pull Cords

EL181BCeiling Switch Pull Cord£0.46pereach

Lamp Holders

EL182BShort Lampholder Skirt£0.48pereach
EL183BLong Lampholder Skirt£0.42pereach

Pull Cords

EL184B2 Way Ceiling Switch & Pull Cord6amp£1.88pereach
EL1851B45amp Ceiling Switch with Neon Indicator£6.58pereach

Blanking Plates

EL185BSafety Blanking Plug£0.20pereach
EL186BSingle Blanking Plate£0.49pereach
EL187BDouble Blanking Plate£0.83pereach

Coaxial Connectors

EL200BCo-Axial Plug Male£0.40pereach
EL201BCo-Axial Plug Female£0.40pereach
EL202BBack to Back Coaxial Cable Connector£0.40pereach
EL203BY-Splitter Coaxial Connector£1.64pereach
EL204BSurface Fix Coaxial Connector£1.00pereach
EL206B2m Coaxial Cable White Male to Male£1.56pereach
EL207B2m Coaxial Cable White Male to Female£1.31pereach

HDMI Leads

EL2083BHDMI Lead Nickel1m£1.80pereach
EL2084BHDMI Lead Gold2m£2.16pereach

Coaxial Connectors

EL208BCoaxial Wall Socket£2.08pereach

Satellite Connectors

EL2091BSatellite F Connector£0.34pereach
EL2092BSatellite F to Coaxial Adaptor£0.31pereach
EL2093BSatellite Back to Back Connector£0.31pereach

Telephone Connectors

EL210BTelephone Dual Adaptor Socket£1.07pereach
EL211BTelephone Extension Wall Socket£2.77pereach
EL212BTelephone Male to Female Extension Lead5m£1.84pereach
EL213BTelephone Male to Female Extension Lead10m£2.83pereach

Cable Ties

EL214BCable Tie White76mm£0.73per100
EL216BCable Tie White127mm£2.58per100
EL218BCable Tie White203mm£1.84per100
EL219BCable Tie White304mm£3.54per100
EL220BCable Tie Black76mm£0.70per100
EL221BCable Tie Black127mm£2.56per100
EL222BCable Tie Black203mm£2.06per100
EL223BCable Tie Black304mm£3.78per100

Cable Clips

EL230PT&E Cable Clip Grey2.5mm£1.19per50
EL233PTelephone Cable Clip Whte3.5mm£0.97per50
EL235PCable Clip Whte5mm£0.70per50
EL236PCable Clip Whte7mm£0.83per50
EL237PCable Clip Whte10mm£0.95per50


EL250B3 Amp Fuse£1.84per10
EL251B5 Amp Fuse£1.84per10
EL252B13 Amp Fuse£1.84per10

Wire Connectors

EL255B2.5 Amp Terminal Block£5.82per10
EL256B5 Amp Terminal Block£7.52per10
EL257B15 Amp Terminal Block£11.00per10
EL258B30 Amp Terminal Block£18.42per10


EL260BFuse Wire Card 5-15-30 Amps£1.00pereach

Switch Screws

EL261BSwitch Screw Nickel PlatedM3.5x25mm£2.41per100
EL262BSwitch Screw Nickel PlatedM3.5x50mm£3.71per100
EL2635BSwitch Screw Nickel PlatedM3.5x75mm£7.90per100
EL263BSwitch Screw Brass PlatedM3.5x25mm£2.14per100
EL264BSwitch Screw Brass PlatedM3.5x50mm£3.29per100
EL2655BSwitch Screw Brass PlatedM3.5x75mm£7.90per100

Fluorescent Starters

EL270BStarter Switch FSU4-80W£0.42pereach
EL271BStarter Switch FS-8100-125W£0.40pereach

Crocodile Clips

EL275BCrocodile Clip 5 Amp£0.25pereach
EL276BCrocodile Clip 25 Amp£0.82pereach

Smoke Alarms

EL300PPhotoelectric Smoke Alarm9v£5.58perpack

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

EL302PCarbon Monoxide Digital Alarm£16.73perpack

Door Chimes

EL305PBattery Operated Door Chime 2AA 50m Range£9.42perpack
EL307PPlug in Door Chime 8 Melodies 50m Range£11.34perpack


EL310P24 Hour Timer Switched Socket£3.32perpack
EL312P7 Day Digital Timer Socket£7.03perpack

Night Light

EL470PStatus Night Light with Spare Bulb£3.23pereach

Light Bulbs

EL471PNight Light 2 Spare Bulb SES7w£0.60pereach


EL500PPanasonic Zinc Carbon Battery AAA1.5V£0.89per4
EL510PPanasonic Zinc Carbon Battery AA1.5V£0.70per4
EL520PPanasonic Zinc Carbon Battery C1.5V£0.70per2
EL530PPanasonic Zinc Carbon Battery D1.5V£0.95per2
EL540PPanasonic Zinc Carbon Battery PP39V£0.89pereach
EL543PPanasonic Zinc Carbon Battery PJ9966V£3.32pereach
EL549PPanasonic Alkaline Battery AAA1.5V£1.49per4
EL550PPanasonic Alkaline Battery AA1.5V£1.01per4
EL552PPanasonic Alkaline Battery C1.5V£1.52per2
EL554PPanasonic Alkaline Battery D1.5V£2.23per2
EL556PPanasonic Alkaline Battery PP39V£1.88pereach
EL590PAA 1200 mAh JCB Rechargeable Battery4Pk£4.26pereach
EL591PAAA 900 mAh JCB Rechargeable Battery4Pk£3.74pereach
EL560PEnergizer Alkaline Battery LR11.5V£1.98pereach
EL562PEnergizer Alkaline Battery A2312V£0.82pereach
EL568PEnergizer Alkaline Battery A76 LR441.5V£0.88pereach
EL575PEnergizer Lithium Battery CR20163V£1.21per2
EL577PEnergizer Lithium Battery CR20253V£1.21per2
EL578PEnergizer Lithium Battery CR20323V£1.21per2
EL580P357/303 Energizer Watch Battery1.55V£1.34pereach
EL581P364 Energizer Watch Battery1.55V£0.58pereach
EL585PDuracell 10 Hearing Aid Battery1.45V£2.75per6
EL586PDuracell 13 Hearing Aid Battery1.45V£2.75per6
EL587PDuracell 312 Hearing Aid Battery1.45V£2.75per6
EL588PDuracell 675 Hearing Aid Battery1.45V£2.75per6

Light Bulbs

EL6250PLED GLS Warm White Lamp BC 5W =40W£1.49pereach
EL6252PLED GLS Warm White Lamp BC 9W =60W£1.68pereach
EL6253PLED GLS Warm White Lamp BC 14W=100W£3.26pereach
EL6254PLED GLS Warm White Lamp ES 5W =40W£1.49pereach
EL6256PLED GLS Warm White Lamp ES 9W =60W£1.68pereach
EL6258PLED GLS Warm White Lamp ES 14W =100W£3.26pereach
EL626PGLS Fireglow Lamp BC40W£0.77pereach
EL64745PEnergy Saving Candle Lamp ES 20W =25W£1.22pereach
EL6474PEnergy Saving Candle Lamp ES 28W =40W£1.22pereach
EL6511PLED Candle Lamp BC3W=25W£2.38pereach
EL6513PLED Candle Lamp SES3W=25W£2.38pereach
EL6515PLED Candle Lamp BC6W=40W£1.44pereach
EL6516PLED Candle Lamp SBC6W=40W£3.42pereach
EL6517PLED Candle Lamp ES6W=40W£1.61pereach
EL6518PLED Candle Lamp SES6W=40W£1.61pereach
EL65191PLED Candle Lamp BC8W=60W£1.68pereach
EL65193PLED Candle Lamp ES8W=60W£1.68pereach
EL65194PLED Candle Lamp SES8W=60W£1.68pereach
EL6521PLED Golf Lamp BC3W=25W£2.38pereach
EL6523PLED Golf Lamp SES3W=25W£2.38pereach
EL6525PLED Golf Lamp BC6W=40W£3.77pereach
EL6526PLED Golf Lamp SBC6W=40W£1.44pereach
EL6527PLED Golf Lamp ES6W=40W£1.44pereach
EL6528PLED Golf Lamp SES6W=40W£3.77pereach
EL653PClear Pygmy Lamp BC15W£0.37pereach
EL654PClear Pygmy Lamp SBC15W£0.37pereach
EL655PClear Pygmy Lamp SES15W£0.37pereach
EL6561POven Pygmy Lamp SES15W£0.61pereach
EL6562POven Pygmy Lamp SES25W£0.61pereach
EL6566PFridge Lamp SBC15W£0.61pereach
EL6563POven Pygmy Lamp SES40W£0.73pereach
EL6564PCooker Hood LED Lamp SES4W=35W£2.35pereach
EL6645PGU10 LED Warm White3W=35W£1.01pereach
EL6646PGU10 LED Ever Ready Warm White5W=50W£1.07pereach
EL667PR39 LED Reflector Lamp SES4=30W£1.86pereach
EL668PR50 LED Reflector Lamp SES6=40W£1.90pereach
EL670PR63 LED Reflector Lamp ES8=50W£2.26pereach
EL671PR80 LED Reflector Lamp ES10=60W£2.50pereach
EL677P78mm Clear Halogen Lamp120W£1.16pereach
EL678P117mm Clear Halogen Lamp300W£1.00pereach
EL679P117mm Clear Halogen Lamp500W£1.00pereach
EL682P221mm Clear LED Striplight3.5W£3.96pereach
EL683P284mm Clear LED Striplight5.5W£5.12pereach
EL690P2D Eveready 2 Pin CFL Lamp16W£1.96pereach
EL691P2D Eveready 4 Pin CFL Lamp16W£1.96pereach
EL692P2D Eveready 2 Pin CFL Lamp28W£2.59pereach
EL693P2D Eveready 4 Pin CFL Lamp28W£2.59pereach
EL700PG4 12V Capsule Lamp10W£0.61pereach
EL702PG4 12V Capsule Lamp20W£0.61pereach
EL704PG6 12V Capsule Lamp50W£0.61pereach
EL710PG9 240V Capsule Lamp25W£1.03pereach
EL712PG9 240V Capsule Lamp40W£1.03pereach
EL715PG9 LED Trillion Capsule Lamp Warm White2W£4.12pereach

Fluorescent Tubes

EL797PT9 Circular Fluorescent Tube40W£6.31perpack
EL798PT9 Circular Fluorescent Tube60W£6.71perpack

Exterior Lights

EL810POval LED Bulkhead Light Black£9.80perpack
EL840P10w LED Black Floodlight£8.56perpack
EL841P20w LED Black Floodlight£10.54perpack
EL842P10w LED Black Floodlight with PIR£13.96perpack
EL843P20w LED Black Floodlight with PIR£18.52perpack
EL844P30w LED Black Floodlight with PIR£23.84perpack
EL845P50w LED Black Floodlight with PIR£31.20perpack

Interior Lights

EL902PTriple Pack Downlighter Brushed Chrome£8.22perpack
EL910PFire Rated Downlighter White£4.93perpack
EL911PFire Rated Downlighter Chrome£5.92perpack
EL912PFire Rated Downlighter Brushed Chrome£5.92perpack
EL915PIP65/Fire Rated Downlighter White£7.50perpack
EL916PIP65/Fire Rated Downlighter Chrome£7.90perpack
EL917PIP65/Fire Rated Downlighter Brushed Chrome£7.90perpack
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