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Door and Gate Bolts

Door and gate bolts in a variety of finishes and security types

Door Bolts

B011BBarrel Bolt Polished Brass101mm£1.43pereach(31)
B012BBarrel Bolt Polished Brass152mm£1.87pereach(10)
B014BNecked Barrel Bolt Polished Brass101mm£1.49pereach(23)
B015BNecked Barrel Bolt Polished Brass152mm£2.15pereach(9)
B01627BNecked Barrel Bolt Chrome Plated101mm£2.27pereach(24)
B0163BHeavy Door Bolt Polished Brass152mm£4.08pereach(3)
B0164BHeavy Door Bolt Polished Brass203mm£5.44pereach(8)

Tower Bolts

B021BTower Bolt Black Japanned254mm£2.28pereach(10)
B022BTower Bolt Black Japanned304mm£2.15pereach(13)

Padlock Bolts

B0265BPadlock Bolt Galvanised254mm£2.58pereach(20)

Monkey Tail Bolts

B031BMonkey Tail Bolt 15mm Black Japanned457mm£7.56pereach(14)
B033BMonkey Tail Bolt 15mm Black Japanned609mm£10.26pereach(2)

Bow Handle Bolts

B0344BBow Handle Bolt 15mm Black Japanned457mm£8.82pereach(11)
B0345BBow Handle Bolt 15mm Black Japanned609mm£10.08pereach(2)

Security Bolts

B034BDoor Security Bolt Polished Brass63mm£1.69pereach(14)
B0375BSecurity Bolt Thumbturn Polished Brass£2.23pereach(18)
B0376BSecurity Bolt Thumbturn Chrome Plated£1.92pereach(10)
B0377BSecurity Bolt & Thumbturn Release Chrome Plated£3.70pereach(1)

Flush Bolts

B038BFlush Bolt Polished Brass152mm£2.46pereach(38)

Door Bolts

B0492BStrap Bolt Chrome Plated152mm£3.30pereach(1)
B049BKick Down Door Bolt Brass Plated127mm£1.80pereach(2)
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