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Door and Cabinet Knobs

Door and drawer knobs in a range of materials

Cupboard Knobs

DK005BVictorian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass25mm£0.42pereach(128)
DK006BVictorian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass31mm£0.53pereach(16)
DK0131BCabinet Knob Chrome25mm£0.79pereach(27)
DK0132BCabinet Knob Chrome31mm£1.08pereach(1)
DK0133BCabinet Knob Chrome38mm£1.39pereach(1)
DK0134BCabinet Knob Chrome50mm£2.17pereach(5)
DK0153BDimpled Round Knob Chrome Plated33mm£1.37pereach(15)
DK0165BSolid Ball Knob Satin25mm£1.32pereach(14)
DK0166BSolid Oval Knob Chrome35mm£1.32pereach(4)
DK0168BOctagonal Knob Chrome30mm£0.94pereach(20)
DK0175P25mm Square Cabinet Knob Nickel£0.64per2(4)
DK0176B25mm Square Cabinet Knob Chrome£0.78pereach(4)
DK0185B35mm Ceramic Knob Beige£0.52pereach(1)
DK0189B35mm Ceramic Knob White/Gold Ring£0.64pereach(1)
DK0190BGlass Faceted Knob Chrome30mm£2.04pereach(1)
DK0191BGlass Faceted Knob Chrome38mm£2.52pereach(1)
DK0193BGlass Ball Knob Chrome38mm£2.04pereach(8)
Stockfile Date: 13/05/2024 09:39:28
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