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Domestic Sundries

A varied range of everyday useful household sundries including refuse bags, mouse traps, tent pegs and gloves

Refuse Bags

DM002BBlack Refuse Bag - 10 bags per roll 20 Rolls£23.36per20
DM003BGreen Garden Sack - 10 bags per roll 20 Rolls£42.77per20

Wheelie Bin Liners

DM004BBlack Wheelie Bin Liner - 6 per roll 20 rolls£27.32per20

Refuse Bags

DM006BBlue Rubble Bag 500 micron weight£29.78per100
DM007BBlue Rubble Sack 400g - 7 bags per roll 20 Rolls£32.87per20

Sticky Pads

DM026PHook & Loop Reel White 2m x20mm£2.38perpack
DM027PHook & Loop Reel Black 2m x20mm£2.38perpack
DM028P50 Hook & Loop Pads White20mm£2.38perpack
DM029P50 Hook & Loop Pads Black20mm£2.38perpack

Stockinette Cloth

DM040BStockinette Cloth 800gm300mm£6.65perroll

Felt Pads

DM041PBeige Self Adhesive Felt Pads Qty 1620mm£0.73perpack
DM042PBeige Self Adhesive Felt Pads Qty 1225mm£0.73perpack
DM043PBeige Self Adhesive Felt Pads Qty 930mm£0.73perpack
DM044PBeige Self Adhesive Felt Pads Qty 440mm£0.73perpack

Door Buffers

DM048BDoor Buffers Transparent 49 Per Sheet£2.20per49

Luggage Straps

DM068BElastic Luggage Strap 8mm300mm£1.58pereach
DM069BElastic Luggage Strap 8mm450mm£1.16pereach

Tent Pegs

DM085BTent Pegs Heavy Duty230x5mm£3.94per10


DM102BElite Rigger Gloves£2.92perpair
DM108BPVC Dipped Knit Wrist Gloves£1.64perpair
DM115BLarge Size Latex Gloves£7.04per100*** Temporarily Unavailable ***

Letter Cage

DM151BLetter Cage Brass395x340x170mm£11.74pereach
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