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Decorating Supplies

Bartoline decorating sundries and Flexovit abrasive papers

Linseed Oil

DE114BRaw Linseed Oil500ml£3.77pereach
DE115BBoiled Linseed Oil500ml£3.96pereach
DE117BTeak Oil500ml£4.16pereach
DE119BPatent Knotting500ml£5.12pereach
DE120BBrush Cleaner500ml£2.56pereach
DE121BBrush Restorer500ml£2.87pereach
DE122BPaint & Varnish Stripper500ml£5.06pereach
DE123BWallpaper Stripper500ml£1.64pereach
DE124BSugar Soap500ml£1.64pereach

Wallpaper Paste

DE1292BWallpaper Paste 5 Roll£1.58pereach
DE1293BWallpaper Paste 10 Roll£2.99pereach
DE1294BWallpaper Paste 30 Roll£3.17pereach
DE1302BWall Tile Grout2kg£4.36pereach
DE130BSuper Filler Standard Size£0.88pereach
DE131BSuper Filler Decorator Size£1.88pereach
DE133BReady Mixed Interior & Exterior Filler600g£1.52pereach
DE134BReady Mixed Interior & Exterior Filler1kg£2.10pereach
DE135BFine Surface Filler600g£1.37pereach
DE136BBorder & Overlap Adhesive Tube250g£2.74pereach
DE137BBorder & Overlap Adhesive500g£1.39pereach
DE138BBorder & Overlap Adhesive1kg£2.56pereach

Tile Adhesive

DE1296BFix & Grout Tube330g£0.88pereach
DE1297BFix & Grout Tub500g£1.56pereach
DE1298BFix & Grout Tub1Kg£2.34pereach
DE132BReady Mixed Interior & Exterior Filler Tube330g£1.50pereach
DE1355BFine Surface Filler Tube300g£1.44pereach
DE1445BSuperstik Panel Adhesive Tube300g£1.34pereach
DE1485BDecorators Caulk & Flexible Filler White Tube300g£1.34pereach


DE1351BReady Mixed Exterior Filler330g£1.10pereach
DE1365BLightweight Filler500ml£2.75pereach
DE13661BWhite Wood Filler Tube330g£1.50pereach
DE13662BWhite Wood Filler Tub500g£1.56pereach
DE13663BBrown Wood Filler Tube330g£1.50pereach
DE13664BBrown Wood Filler Tub500g£1.56pereach

Fix and Fill

DE13667BPolyurethane Expanding Foam500ml£3.66pereach
DE13668BPolyurethane Expanding Foam750ml£4.36pereach


DE140BMulti-Purpose Silicon White£4.54pereach
DE141BMulti-Purpose Silicon Clear£4.54pereach
DE142BMulti-Purpose Silicon Brown£4.54pereach
DE144BSuperstik Panel Adhesive£3.56pereach
DE145BFrame Sealant White£1.27pereach
DE146BFrame Sealant Brown£1.27pereach
DE148BDecorators Caulk & Flexible Filler White£1.98pereach
DE1491BDecorator Trade Caulk & Flexible Filler Magnolia£2.28pereach
DE1492BDecorator Trade Caulk & Flexible Filler Brown£2.28pereach
DE149BRoof & Gutter Sealant£2.14pereach


DE303BGlasspaper 25 sheets Grade 1.5 Grit120£3.71perpack
DE304BGlasspaper 25 sheets Grade F2 Grit80£4.04perpack
DE305BGlasspaper 25 sheets Grade M2 Grit70£5.21perpack
DE306BGlasspaper 25 sheets Grade S2 Grit40£3.01perpack
DE307BGlasspaper 25 sheets Grade 2.5 Grit36£3.01perpack
DE310B4 Sheet Assorted Glass Paper£1.39perpack
DE320BAluminium Oxide Roll Fine5m£5.52perroll
DE321BAluminium Oxide Roll Medium5m£5.80perroll
DE340BFlex Sponge Block Fine/Medium£1.49pereach
DE341BFlex Sponge Block Medium/Coarse£1.49pereach
DE344BFlexible Finishing Pad Medium/Coarse£0.85pereach
DE348BOakey Pole Sander£5.69pereach
DE350BSmall Orbital 10 Sheets Fine£2.86perpack
DE355BLarge Orbital 10 Sheets Fine£2.86perpack
DE356BLarge Orbital 10 Sheets Medium£2.86perpack
DE357BLarge Orbital 10 Sheets Coarse£3.08perpack
DE370B5 Sanding Discs 125mm Diameter Fine£1.39perpack
DE371B5 Sanding Discs 125mm Diameter Medium£1.39perpack
DE383BWet & Dry Paper 25 Sheets Grit600£13.27perpack
DE385BWet & Dry Paper 25 Sheets Grit400£13.27perpack
DE401BEmery Paper 5 Sheets Grit120£2.59perpack
DE403BEmery Paper 5 Sheets Grit80£2.81perpack
DE404BEmery Paper 5 Sheets Grit60£2.98perpack
DE405BEmery Paper 5 Sheets Grit40£3.26perpack
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