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Chrome Hardware

Door and window furniture in chrome, stainless steel and brushed nickel

Finger Plates

VC048BChrome Finger Plate304x76£3.11pereach(10)

Keyhole Escutcheons

VC050BChrome Open Escutcheon Plate£0.50pereach(2)
VC051BChrome Covered Escutcheon£0.72pereach(33)

Centre Door Knobs

VC055BChrome Centre Door Knob£5.05pereach(3)

Letter Plates

VC0585BSatin Nickel Letter Plate254x76mm£7.12pereach(1)

Lever Handles

VC0771BChrome Scroll Lever Bathroom Latch£6.20perset(1)

Cylinder Pulls

VC084BEuro Cylinder Pull Chrome Plated£2.24pereach(20)

Door Viewers

VC098BChrome Door Viewer160�£1.68pereach(6)

House Numerals

VC102BChrome Plated 75mm Letter 'B'£0.70pereach(9)

Tie Back Hooks

VC1071BChrome Fleur de Lys Tie Back Small£0.52pereach(1)
VC10720BChrome Fleur de Lys Tie Back Large£0.79pereach(18)
VC10721BChrome Ball Tie Back Hook Small£0.82pereach(37)
VC10722BChrome Ball Tie Back Hook Large£0.86pereach(50)
VC10723BChrome Rosette Tie Back Hook Small£0.50pereach(65)
VC10724BChrome Rosette Tie Back Hook & Plate£0.64pereach(75)

Fanlight Catches

VC1072BChrome Fanlight Catch£2.63pereach(2)

Indicator Bolts

VC1074BChrome Indicator Bolt60mm£4.22pereach(1)

Lever Handles

VC20402BSatin Nickel Rosa Lever Bathroom Set£9.24perset(1)
VC20510BChrome Carla Lever Latch£7.56perset(41)
VC20522BChrome Leila Lever Bathroom£7.50perset(3)
VC20610BChrome Richmond Lever Latch£5.54perset(1)
VC20612BChrome Richmond Lever Bathroom£6.60perset(1)
VC20613BChrome Richmond Lever Euro Lock£5.63perset(1)
VC30500BSafety Handle Polished Stainless Steel£4.54perset(2)
VC30600BSafety Handle Satin Stainless Steel£6.00perset(7)
VC30503BClassic Handle Polished Stainless Steel£3.41perset(3)
VC30603BClassic Handle Satin Stainless Steel£6.00perset(1)

Keyhole Escutcheons

VC30610BLock Escutcheon Satin Stainless Steel£0.60pereach(27)


VC30512BThumbturn Polished Stainless Steel£5.35perset(9)

Lever Handles

VC30592BNova Round Rose Satin Satin Chrome£4.42perset(42)
VC30607BTara Lever Handle Chrome£6.94perset(12)
VCS0736BBrushed Nickel Scroll Lever Privacy£5.69perset(2)
Stockfile Date: 13/05/2024 09:39:28
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