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Aluminium Hardware

Architectural aluminium door and window furniture

Lever Handles

A009BAltus Lever Latch Polished Aluminium£6.30perset(3)
A010BAltus Lever Lock Polished Aluminium£6.30perset(8)

Casement Stays

A027BCasement Stay Satin Aluminium304mm£1.97pereach(20)

Letter Plates

A029BLetter Plate Rear Fix Satin Aluminium£2.40pereach(53)
A031BLetter Plate Face Fix Satin Aluminium£2.32pereach(1)

Cylinder Pulls

A039BEuro Cylinder Pull Satin Aluminium£1.46pereach(15)

Finger Plates

A0502BFinger PlateSatin Aluminium 'Pull'300x75mm£1.92pereach(3)

Toilet Signs

A05051BToilet Sign MaleSatin Aluminium152x101mm£2.83pereach(6)
A05052BToilet Sign FemaleSatin Aluminium152x101mm£2.83pereach(11)
A05053BToilet Sign DisabledSatin Aluminium152x101mm£2.83pereach(10)

Cabinet Handles

A0512BD Handle Satin Aluminium150mm£0.64pereach(17)
A051BD Handle Satin Aluminium100mm£0.50pereach(18)

Toilet Handle

A0553BDisabled Toilet Handle Non-Handed Satin Aluminium£28.10pereach(3)

Kicking Plates

A056BKicking Plate Polished Brass736x152mm£14.22pereach(4)
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