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Locks and Latches

Securefast sash, dead and Basta rim locks, mortice latches, padlocks, euro cylinders and Exidor panic hardware

Mortice Locks

L001B3 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Nickel63mm£5.09pereach
L002B3 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Nickel76mm£5.09pereach
L003B3 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Brass63mm£5.09pereach
L004B3 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Brass76mm£5.09pereach
L0051BBathroom Mortice Sash Lock Nickel63mm£5.05pereach
L0055BBathroom Mortice Sash Lock Nickel76mm£5.05pereach
L005BBathroom Mortice Sash Lock Brass63mm£5.05pereach
L0065BBathroom Mortice Sash Lock Brass76mm£5.05pereach
L00511B3 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Nickel63mm£6.00pereach
L00512B3 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Nickel76mm£6.00pereach
L00513B3 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Brass63mm£6.00pereach
L00514B3 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Brass76mm£6.00pereach
L006BEuro Profile Mortice Sash Lock Nickel63mm£12.18pereach
L0075BEuro Profile Mortice Sash Lock Nickel676mm£12.18pereach
L007BEuro Profile Mortice Sash Lock Brass63mm£12.18pereach
L008BEuro Profile Mortice Dead Lock Nickel63mm£9.53pereach
L0095BEuro Profile Mortice Dead Lock Nickel76mm£9.53pereach
L009BEuro Profile Mortice Dead Lock Brass63mm£9.53pereach
L0101B5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Brass76mm£12.19pereach
L010B5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Brass63mm£12.19pereach
L0111B5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Nickel63mm£12.19pereach
L0130B5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Brass50mm£23.60pereach
L0131B5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock Satin Chrome50mm£23.60pereach
L0132B5 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Brass50mm£23.60pereach
L0133B5 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Satin Chrome50mm£23.17pereach
L0135B5 Lever BS3621 Mortice Sash Lock Brass63mm£20.20pereach
L0136B5 Lever BS3621 Mortice Sash Lock Satin63mm£18.37pereach
L0112B5 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Brass76mm£9.92pereach
L011B5 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Brass63mm£9.92pereach
L0121B5 Lever Mortice Dead Lock Nickel63mm£9.92pereach
L0137B5 Lever BS3621 Mortice Dead Lock Brass63mm£17.06pereach
L0138B5 Lever BS3621 Mortice Dead Lock Satin63mm£17.06pereach

Mortice Latches

L014BMortice Latch Tubular Chrome Plated63mm£1.19pereach
L015BMortice Latch Tubular Chrome Plated76mm£1.19pereach
L016BMortice Latch Tubular Brass Plated63mm£1.19pereach
L017BMortice Latch Tubular Brass Plated76mm£1.19pereach
L0184BMortice Latch Tubular Black63mm£1.19pereach
L018BMortice Latch Oblong Nickel Plated63mm£4.45pereach
L019BMortice Latch Oblong Nickel Plated76mm£4.45pereach
L020BDead Bolt Spindle 76mm Nickel Plated5mm£3.38pereach

Night Latches

L024BBird Night Latch Zinc Plated Narrow Style£11.74pereach
L025BBird Night Latch Zinc Plated Standard Style£12.08pereach

Night Latch Cylinders

L028BBird Night Latch Cylinder Polished Brass£5.05pereach
L0291BBird Night Latch Cylinder Zinc Plated£4.81pereach

Night Latch Striker

L0295BNight Latch Striker Plate Grey£4.36pereach

Rebate Sets

L0331BMortice Latch Rebate Set Nickel Plated£1.43pereach
L0332BMortice Latch Rebate Set Brass Plated£1.28pereach

Rim Locks

L035BDouble Handed Rim Lock139x75mm£5.86pereach
L0361BDouble Handed Rim Lock Brass Plated139x75mm£6.24pereach
L036BDouble Handed Rim Lock152x101mm£6.36pereach
L0371BD/Handed Rim Lock Brass Plated152x101mm£9.44pereach
L0375BBox Rim Lock Left Hand152x101mm£13.64pereach
L0376BBox Rim Lock Right Hand152x101mm£13.64pereach
L037BDouble Handed Rim Dead Lock101x76mm£6.14pereach
L038BBlack Rim Press Lock 2 Key100x76mm£3.38pereach

Brass Padlocks

L039BBrass Padlock 3 Keys20mm£1.03pereach
L040BBrass Padlock 3 Keys25mm£1.33pereach
L041BBrass Padlock 3 Keys30mm£1.70pereach
L042BBrass Padlock 3 Keys35mm£1.96pereach
L043BBrass Padlock 3 Keys40mm£2.68pereach
L044BBrass Padlock 3 Keys50mm£2.98pereach
L046BLong Shackle Brass Padlock 3 Keys40mm£3.84pereach
L047BLong Shackle Brass Padlock 3 Keys50mm£3.37pereach

Discus Padlocks

L051BStainless Steel Discus Padlock 3 Keys70mm£6.73pereach
L0521BStainless Steel Discus Padlock 3 Keys90mm£13.80pereach

Door Chains

L052BLocking Door Chain Brass Plated£5.11pereach
L053BLocking Door Chain Chrome Plated£5.11pereach

Hasps and Staples

L054BLocking Hasp & Staple Chrome Plated75mm£3.32pereach
L0550BLocking Hasp & Staple Chrome Plated100mm£4.21pereach

Window Locks

L056PWindow Staylocks Zinc Plated£1.31per2
L057PWindow Staylocks Brass Plated£1.46per2

Wardrobe Locks

L061BWardrobe Lock Brass Plated63mm£1.37pereach

Drawer Locks

L062BDrawer/Tiill Lock Brass Plated63mm£2.69pereach
L063BDrawer Cylinder Lock Brass Plated63mm£1.43pereach

Night Latches

L065BDead Locking Narrow Night Latch Polished Brass£16.63pereach
L067BDead Locking Narrow Night Latch Grey£15.32pereach
L068BDead Locking Standard Night Latch Polished Brass£16.63pereach
L070BDead Locking Standard Night Latch Grey£15.32pereach
L066BDead Locking Narrow Night Latch Chrome Plated£16.63pereach
L069BDead Locking Standard Night Latch Chrome Plated£16.63pereach

Key Blanks

L071BNo. 101 Bird/Yale Key Blank£0.37pereach
L072BNo. 202 Union Key Blank£0.22pereach

Glass Door Locks

L075BSliding Glass Door Lock Chrome Plated£2.58pereach

Patio Door Locks

L077BPatio Door Door Lock White£3.08pereach

Casement Stays

L100BLocking Casement Stay White254mm£7.22pereach
L101BLocking Casement Stay Brass Plated254mm£9.31pereach
L102BLocking Casement Stay Chrome Plated254mm£10.20pereach

Casement Fasteners

L110BLocking Casement Fastener White£5.24pereach
L111BLocking Casement Fastener Brass Plated£6.24pereach
L112BLocking Casement Fastener Chrome Plated£5.84pereach
L115BPush Release Locking Casement Fastener White£5.76pereach
L116BPush Release Locking Casement Fastener Brass£7.07pereach
L117BPush Release Locking Casement Fastener Chrome£6.12pereach

Digital Locks

L130PDigital Door Lock No Holdback Chrome Plated£35.64perpack
L131PDigital Door Lock with Holdback Chrome Plated£35.64perpack

Euro Cylinders

L150BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass25-10-25£5.80pereach
L152BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass30-10-30£5.24pereach
L1545BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass30-10-35£6.31pereach
L154BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass30-10-40£6.19pereach
L156BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass30-10-50£6.34pereach
L158BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass35-10-35£5.84pereach
L160BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass35-10-40£7.94pereach
L170BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass35-10-45£7.86pereach
L172BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass35-10-50£5.75pereach
L174BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass35-10-55£6.94pereach
L176BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass40-10-50£6.94pereach
L178BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass40-10-40£8.04pereach
L180BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass40-10-45£8.22pereach
L186BEuro Cylinder Polished Brass45-10-45£8.20pereach
L19403BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated35/35£10.30pereach
L19404BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated35/40£9.29pereach
L19405BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated35/45£10.81pereach
L19406BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated35/50£11.12pereach
L19407BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated35/55£12.22pereach
L19408BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated40/40£10.90pereach
L19409BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated40/45£11.29pereach
L19410BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated40/50£11.48pereach
L19411BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated40/55£11.88pereach
L19412BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated40/60£12.08pereach
L19413BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated45/45£12.19pereach
L19414BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated45/50£11.88pereach
L19415BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated45/55£12.08pereach
L19416BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated50/50£12.08pereach
L19417BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated50/55£15.01pereach
L19418BEuro Cylinder Anti Snap Nickel Plated50/60£11.88pereach
L151BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated25-10-25£5.88pereach
L153BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated30-10-30£5.54pereach
L1546BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated30-10-35£6.97pereach
L155BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated30-10-40£6.42pereach
L157BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated30-10-50£8.22pereach
L159BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated35-10-35£8.20pereach
L161BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated35-10-40£8.22pereach
L171BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated35-10-45£7.90pereach
L173BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated35-10-50£8.04pereach
L175BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated35-10-55£8.23pereach
L177BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated40-10-50£8.68pereach
L179BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated40-10-40£8.29pereach
L181BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated40-10-45£8.47pereach
L187BEuro Cylinder Nickel Plated45-10-45£8.41pereach
L152TBEuro Cylinder & Thumbturn Polished Brass30-10-30£7.22pereach
L158TBEuro Cylinder & Thumbturn Polished Brass35-10-35£9.19pereach
L153TBEuro Cylinder & Thumbturn Nickel Plated30-10-30£7.13pereach
L159TBEuro Cylinder & Thumbturn Nickel Plated35-10-35£8.20pereach
L193BEuro Single Cylinder Nickel Plated45mm£5.18pereach
L19605BYale Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Nickel30-10-30£34.97pereach
L19607BYale Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Nickel35-10-35£36.89pereach
L19703BYale Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Nickel40-10-40£38.81pereach
L19707BYale Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Nickel45-10-45£40.73pereach
L1980BTS007 Security Cylinder & Escutcheon SS30-10-30£22.97pereach
L1981BSecurity Escutcheon 2 Star Stainless Steel£13.37pereach

Panic Hardware

L200BNo. 293 Exidor Push Pad Single Panic Bolt£73.26perset
L202BNo. 297 Exidor Push Pad Latch£60.83pereach
L204BNo. 294 Exidor Single Panic Bar and Bolt£94.64perset
L206BNo. 296 Exidor Panic Bar Latch£72.71perset
L208BNo. 284 Exidor Double Bar Panic Bolt Set£155.45perset
L210BNo. 285 Exidor Dble Bar Rebate Panic Bolt£144.79perset
L212BNo. 298 Exidor Outside Locking Door Knob£86.45pereach
L220BRedlam Panic Exit Bolt Zinc Plated£33.56pereach

Van Locks

L250PMaster Hasp & Staple Van Lock£37.90perpack