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Thousands of Hardware Products for the DIYer and Trade

Exitex Weather Proofing

Weather proofing sundries from Exitex Ltd

Door Sills

WP01PDoor Sill Satin Aluminium914mm£14.20pereach
WP02PDoor Sill Gold Anodised Aluminium914mm£17.98pereach
WP03PThreshex Sill Satin Aluminium933mm£16.21pereach
WP04PThreshex Sill Gold Anodised Aluminium933mm£20.08pereach

Rain Deflectors

WP05PRain Deflector Satin Aluminium914mm£12.79pereach
WP06PRain Deflector Gold Anodised Aluminium914mm£12.79pereach

Door Brush Strips

WP07PBottom Door Brush Strip Satin Aluminium£6.61pereach
WP08PBottom Door Brush Strip Gold Anodised Aluminium£6.85pereach
WP09PBottom Door Brush Strip White Plastic£5.54pereach
WP10PBottom Door Brush Strip Brown Plastic£5.54pereach

Draught Excluders

WP13PLetter Box Draught Excluder White Plastic£5.06pereach
WP14PLetter Box Draught Excluder Brown Plastic£5.12pereach
WP15PInner Brush Letter Flap White Plastic£5.90pereach
WP16PInner Brush Letter Flap Brown Plastic£5.90pereach
WP171PInner Brush Letter Flap Brass£12.49pereach
WP17PSelf Adhesive Foam Excluder White5m£1.56perpack
WP18PSelf Adhesive Foam Excluder Brown5m£1.56perpack
WP191PSelf Adhesive Foam Excluder Thick White5m£3.13perpack
WP192PSelf Adhesive Foam Excluder Thick Brown5m£3.13perpack
WP193PSelf Adhesive 'P' Strip Excluder White5m£5.52perpack
WP194PSelf Adhesive 'P' Strip Excluder Brown5m£5.52perpack
WP195PSelf Adhesive 'E' Strip Excluder White5m£4.84perpack
WP196PSelf Adhesive 'E' Strip Excluder Brown5m£4.84perpack