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Door and Cabinet Knobs

Door and drawer knobs in a range of materials

Door Handles

DK002BBrown Plastic Door Pull100mm£0.30pereach

Door Knobs

DK003BWhite Plastic Mortice/Rim Knob Set£2.08perset
DK004BBrown Plastic Mortice/Rim Knob Set£2.08perset

Cupboard Knobs

DK0055BVictorian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass12mm£0.82pereach
DK0056BVictorian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass19mm£0.58pereach
DK005BVictorian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass25mm£0.65pereach
DK006BVictorian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass31mm£0.76pereach
DK007BVictorian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass38mm£1.10pereach
DK008BVictorian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass50mm£1.50pereach
DK009BGeorgian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass25mm£0.65pereach
DK010BGeorgian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass31mm£0.85pereach
DK011BGeorgian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass38mm£1.49pereach
DK012BGeorgian Cabinet Knob Polished Brass50mm£1.50pereach
DK0131BCabinet Knob Chrome25mm£1.13pereach
DK0132BCabinet Knob Chrome31mm£1.67pereach
DK0133BCabinet Knob Chrome38mm£1.86pereach
DK0134BCabinet Knob Chrome50mm£2.59pereach
DK0141BCabinet Knob Satin Nickel25mm£0.89pereach
DK0142BCabinet Knob Satin Nickel31mm£1.09pereach
DK0143BCabinet Knob Satin Nickel38mm£1.28pereach
DK0144BCabinet Knob Satin Nickel50mm£1.62pereach
DK0153BDimpled Round Knob Chrome Plated33mm£1.49pereach
DK0163BDimpled Round Knob Satin Nickel33mm£1.84pereach
DK0170B12mm Pillar Knob Nickel£0.70pereach
DK0175B25mm Square Cabinet Knob Nickel£1.58pereach
DK0176B25mm Square Cabinet Knob Chrome£1.58pereach
DK0180B35mm Ceramic Knob White£0.65pereach
DK0185B35mm Ceramic Knob Beige£0.65pereach