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Black Antique Hardware

Traditional black antique iron door and window fittings suitable for domestic or commercial use

Letter Plates

BA03BLetter Plate Black Cast Iron254x76mm£6.59pereach
BA04BLetter Plate Black Cast Iron355x76mm£7.49pereach

Cylinder Pulls

BA05BCylinder Pull Black Cast Iron£2.98pereach

Door Knockers

BA06BLions Head Knocker Black Cast Iron152mm£4.81pereach
BA07BRing Knocker Black Cast Iron127mm£5.52pereach

Bell Pushes

BA08BBell Push Black Cast Iron100mm£3.96pereach

Door Handles

BA095BPull Handle Black Cast Iron125mm£2.08pereach
BA09BPull Handle Black Cast Iron177mm£1.39pereach

Mortice Knobs

BA11BOval Mortice Knob Black Cast Iron£6.48perset

Lever Handles

BA12BLever Lock Black Cast Iron127x50mm£5.70perset
BA13BLever Latch Black Cast Iron101x50mm£5.17perset
BA14BLever Lock Black Cast Iron177x50mm£6.24perset
BA15BLever Latch Black Cast Iron177x50mm£6.24perset

Centre Door Knobs

BA16BCentre Door Knob Black Cast Iron75mm£5.80pereach

Rim Knobs

BA17BRim Knob Set Black Cast Iron£11.33pereach

Casement Stays

BA19BCasement Stay Black Cast Iron254mm£3.47pereach

Casement Fasteners

BA20BCasement Fastener Black Cast Iron£3.14pereach

Keyhole Escutcheons

BA21BRound Open Escutcheon Black Cast Iron£1.28pereach
BA22BRound Covered Escutcheon Black Cast Iron£1.98pereach

Hat and Coat Hooks

BA23BHat & Coat Hook Black Cast Iron127mm£2.29pereach

Thumb Latches

BA24BThumb Latch Black Cast Iron£5.88perset

Cabin Hooks

BA25BCabin Hook Black Cast Iron76mm£0.65pereach
BA26BCabin Hook Black Cast Iron101mm£0.76pereach
BA27BCabin Hook Black Cast Iron152mm£0.91pereach
BA28BCabin Hook Black Cast Iron203mm£1.15pereach

Hinge Fronts

BA35BAntique Hinge Front Black Cast Iron304mm£4.16perpair
BA36BAntique Hinge Front Black Cast Iron406mm£5.35perpair

Working Hinges

BA37BAntique Fancy Hinge Black Cast Iron100mm£2.98perpair
BA38BAntique Snake Hinge Black Cast Iron76mm£1.61perpair
BA39BAntique Working Hinge Black Cast Iron152mm£4.75perpair
BA40BAntique Working Hinge Black Cast Iron304mm£6.97perpair

Door Studs

BA58BAntique Door Stud Black Cast Iron19mm£0.28pereach